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The TV remake Metástasis - the story of chemistry teach Walter Blanco as he discovers he has lung cancer and turns to a life of crime, making meth with his former student José. Additional characters include Walter's wife Cielo Blanco and lawyer Saúl Bueno.

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In Columbia, Sony Pictures recreated 'Breaking Bad' shot for shot for a Spanish audience. Now you can watch Walter Blanco build his empire again in 'Metástasis.'

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  1. There's a shot-for-shot Colombian remake of "Breaking Bad" called "Metástasis," telling the story of Walter Blanco. All 62 episodes were shot in over three months.

  2. There is a Colombian remake of Breaking Bad called "Metastasis", following main characters Walter Blanco and Jose Miguel Rosas.

  3. There's a 34-episode Colombian remake of Breaking Bad, also created and produced by Vince Gilligan. It tells the story of the cancer-diagnosed Walter Blanco who partners up with José Miguel Rosas to cook and sell crystal meth.

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