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Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Vince Gilligan and Dean Norris all played roles in The X-Files. Also, there are a number of small references to The X-Files in Breaking bad.

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Aaron Paul auditioned for the role of Francis in Malcolm in the Middle

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  1. 11 members of the Breaking Bad cast have appeared in episodes of the X-Files, including Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Dean Norris.

  2. Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad) was the teen in the "Gotta Have My Pops" Corn Pops Commercial

  3. No CGI was used in the movie Need for Speed. Aaron Paul said, "It's so much easier than you would think... Just drifting, sliding around. You can do 360s or reverse 180s... I recommend anytime you can get into a rental car, use that emergency brake. It's a blast. It's incredible."

  4. Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad played Weird Al Yankovic in a joke movie trailer.

  5. Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad) chased sheep with the Prince of Brunei around his castle in a hovercraft.

  6. Before Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Bob Odenkirk guest starred on separate 3rd Rock From the Sun episodes all originally airing in 1999.

  7. The character Jesse Pinkman was originally meant to be killed off in the first season of Breaking Bad, but Vince Gilligan changed his mind after seeing the chemistry between Aaron Paul and lead actor Bryan Cranston

  8. The "meth" that Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) smokes in the series Breaking Bad is actually rock candy and tastes like burnt cotton candy when smoked.

  9. Aaron Paul was a contestant on The Price is Right

  10. Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul's shining moment during the taping of his audition was not delivering lines 'yo' or 'bitch' but, 'What?!'

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Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) was in the music video for Korn's Thoughtless - source

Aaron Paul was in the video for "Everlast - White Trash Beautiful". - source

Aaron Paul only said the word "Bitch" 54 times throughout the whole of Breaking Bad [BREAKING BAD SPOILERS]

Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad) was the kid that said 'Gotta have my Pops' in those old cereal commercials - source

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Aaron Paul from "Breaking Bad" was a contestant on The Price Is Right. He got to the showcase showdown but lost a sports car by going over $132.

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Aaron Paul was a contestant on The Price is Right

Aaron Paul is the kid in this iconic Juicy Fruit commercial

Aaron Paul starred in Korn's "Thoughtless" music video.

Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring) and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) were in a 2006 episode of Ghost Whisperer together before they starred in Breaking Bad

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Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito (Jesse Pinkman and Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad) once co-starred together on a 2006 episode of Ghost Whisperer.

Aaron Paul played the "guy from school" in music video for Everlasts "White Trash Beautiful".

There is a baseball autographed by both Hank Aaron and Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdős. Aaron appeared in Summer Catch with Susan Gardner, who was in In The Cut with Kevin Bacon, giving Bacon an Erdős number of 3, and vice versa.

Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad was a contestant on The Price is Right before he was famous.

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