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Grand Theft Auto V cost $265 million to make -- the largest budget of any video game at that time -- but turned around and made $1 billion in its first 72 hours

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The iconic Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 was created by only 9 people.... and 8 of them had never once worked on a video game before!

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  1. GameStation, a UK video game retailer, added a clause to their T&C's that stated that you surrender your immortal soul when you place an order through their site, to show that people don't read them. They now own 7500+ souls.

  2. Don Rickles passed away before he was able to record any dialogue for Toy Story 4. Rather than replacing him, Disney reviewed 25 years of material from the first three films, video games, and other media; they were able to assemble enough dialogue to cover the entire film.

  3. Most older CD based video games can be put in a CD player and you can listen to the soundtrack of the game

  4. Terry Pratchett's daughter, Rhianna Pratchett, is a video game writer responsible for stories like BioShock Infinite, Mirror's Edge, the new Tomb Raider series and Overlord.

  5. A dad in China hired gamers to kill his son in video games so the son would start looking for a job and get a life

  6. In 2007 GameFAQs had a contest to determine the best video game character. The L-Block from Tetris emerged as the winner.

  7. A man in California bought a video camera so he could capture behind-the-scenes footage of Robert Patrick and Edward Furlong filming scenes for the Terminator 2 arcade game near his home. Instead he ended up capturing the beating of a motorist: Rodney King

  8. Back in the 1980's people were able to download Video Games from a radio broadcast by recording the sounds onto a cassette tape that they could then play on their computers.

  9. Americans spend on lottery more than they spend on books, video games, sports tickets, movies and music - combined.

  10. That, in the NHL, if a team's starting and backup goalie are injured during a game, rule 5.3 allows almost anybody to suit up in net as a replacement (including from the crowd). Examples have included a team video producer and an embroidery shop owner (who dressed but did not play).

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video game fact data chart about Instances of LGBTQ Representation in Video Games for Pride M
Instances of LGBTQ Representation in Video Games for Pride Month

video game fact data chart about Top 50 Best-Selling Video Games of All Time
Top 50 Best-Selling Video Games of All Time

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The “Tetris Effect” occurs when you focus so much on something— such as a video game— that you start to see it in real life and during sleep

Surgeons who had played video games in the past for more than three hours per week made 37 percent fewer errors, were 27 percent faster and scored 26 percent better overall than surgeons who never played video games. - source

Satoshi Tajiri, creator of Pokémon, loved insect collecting as a child. As more and more land was paved over to make room for Japan's cities, Tajiri became inspired to create the Pokémon video games so that other children could experience the joy of catching bugs just as he had. - source

The classic PC game "Baldur's Gate" was developed, alongside its engine, in 18 months by a team of 60 people who had never worked on a video game before.

15% of American divorces are caused in part by "men paying more attention to their video games than their spouse", as of 2011. - source

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Inside the video game EVE Online, there is a mini-game where players can help discover real life exoplanets using data from the CoRoT telescope. It has discovered 37 so far.

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Many American public libraries carry video games as an attempt to lure teenagers into a library. The result is more teenagers coming to the library and books are being checked out at a rate that exceeds what it was before the gamers arrived

Goldeney 007 for N64 only had 9 developers on the team, and 8 of them had never worked on video games before.

Best Buy removed the fighting video game "Primal Rage" from its shelves after an Arizona woman complained that her 11-year-old son had faithfully portrayed one of the game's gorilla-like character's "golden shower/urination" fatality move.

In 1992, Sega orchestrated the world's first global launch of a video game, Sonic the Hedgehog 2. They chose a Tuesday and dubbed the event "Sonic 2sday". At the time, new games would release at different stores on different days. Thanks to Sega, Tuesday is now the industry standard.

"Lego Star Wars the Video Game" contained the entire plot of Revenge of the sith despite being released a month before the movie's premiere.

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video game fact infographic about Distribution of Scores for Every Video Game on MetaCritic

Distribution of Scores for Every Video Game on MetaCritic

video game fact infographic about US Violent Crime Count vs Video Game Sales

US Violent Crime Count vs Video Game Sales

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Surgeons who play video games at least 3 hours a week perform 27% faster and make 37% fewer errors.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game (2009) has voice acting from all four of the original cast members (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson), who helped write the script as well. Aykroyd considers it "essentially the third movie"

The Super Bowl has required national anthem vocals to be pre-recorded since 1993 when Garth Brooks declined to pre-record and then refused to sing live until a dispute over debuting a music video during the game could be settled, resulting in a delayed kickoff.

The US Supreme Court Officially Recognizes Video Games As Art And Protects Them Under The First Amendment

In 2004, a woman engaged to a video game programmer anonymously vented her frustrations about her fiancé's brutal 85-hour work week in a single blog post which eventually led to three class action lawsuits and a $14.9M judgement against the company he worked for.

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N64 GoldenEye 007 was developed by a very small and inexperienced team; it only had ten developers, eight of whom had never previously worked on video games

A man enjoyed the video game Stardew Valley so much, he actually followed in the protagonist's footsteps and left his city life behind, buying a farm.

Penny dreadfuls, pulp novels from the 1800s, were once blamed for the criminal behavior of young men in the same way that video games are blamed today.

The term "Fragging" used in video games originated during the Vietnam War, and was the act of throwing a live grenade in your commanding officers tent while he slept... with over 900 cases towards the end of the war.

A study surverying 5000 children on video game and social habits, coming to a conclusion that that those playing video games on a regular basis are more satisfied with their lives, are less prone to being hyperactive, have less emotional issues than those who don’t play video games at all

Tom Hanks has a younger brother named Jim Hanks who works as Tom's voice double on all Toy Story video games and spin-offs

Scientists in Berlin asked adults to play Super Mario 64 over a period of 2 months for 30 minutes a day. The group showed increases of grey matter, demonstrating "the direct causal link between video gaming and a volumetric brain increase."

Laparoscopic surgeons who played video games performed faster and better compared to their non-gaming counterparts.

A father made his son work his way to modernity by playing through the history of video games chronologically rather than let him play whatever video game he wanted. The boy started with 1979's Galaxian.

Jim Hanks, Tom Hanks' brother, does Woody's voice in video games and merchandise

Earthworm Jim was created as a result of the success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The game was created as a satire of platform video games at the time; for instance, "Princess-What's-Her-Name" was a parody of how so many video games had throw-away female characters to be saved.

The only book Stephen King has let go out of print is Rage, in which a kid shoots his teacher and holds his class hostage. While he doesn't think books, movies, or video games cause violence, he does think they could act as an outlet to commit violence through, and should be more responsible.

Edge of Tomorrow, adapted from All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, who was inspired from his experience from playing video games; when getting stuck on a level, you keep reliving the same battle by spawning and each time you respawn, you're more efficient and skilled at the game.

In the popular video game 'deus ex' released in the year 2000, it is missing the twin towers due to graphical limitations. The in-game explanation for this was that they were destroyed by a terrorist attack.

A father who, back in early 2013, hired gamers to kill his son in video games, so that the son would get a life.

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