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Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead loved to play a particular arcade game at his local bar. When he found out he was terminally ill, the bar owner brought the game machine to Lemmy's apartment so he could keep playing it at home.

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A man in California bought a video camera so he could capture behind-the-scenes footage of Robert Patrick and Edward Furlong filming scenes for the Terminator 2 arcade game near his home. Instead he ended up capturing the beating of a motorist: Rodney King

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  1. The night before the Miracle on Ice, American goalie Jim Craig and Soviet star forward Sergei Markov played the arcade game "Centipede" at the Olympic Village. The two could barely speak in each other's language, so they communicated with nods and laughs.

  2. All arcade games imported into North America from 1989 to 2000 had the following FBI slogan included into their attract mode: "Winners Don't Use Drugs".

  3. In the Original Nintendo Games that Mario's Hat was created due to the graphical limitations of arcade hardware since hair couldn't be represented well.

  4. Mortal Kombat II was so popular when it hit the arcades that several of the machines were later installed with deadlock security panels on the back to prevent thieves from ripping the game's motherboard straight out of the machine and taking it home.

  5. The popular arcade game NBA Jam was thought to be haunted. During demo mode, the machines would randomly shout "Petrovic", the name of an NBA player who died in a car accident shortly after the game finished production.

  6. One developer of the smash arcade hit NBA JAM deliberately coded the game in a way that if you were playing as the Bulls against his Pistons, your shooting percentage would be completely awry, especially near the end of a close game.

  7. The arcade video game Defender (1981) is so difficult that "Initial attempts lasting less than ten seconds are not uncommon for novices".

  8. The Nintendo's classic arcade game "Donkey Kong" (1981) is so hard that in 2007, only 2 people were known to have completed it. Today, that number is still under 100.

  9. Marge Simpson was originally intended to have rabbit ears hidden in her hair. You can see them on her sprite from The Simpsons arcade game.

  10. The 1978 arcade game "Space Invaders" was so popular upon its release that by mid-1981, Space Invaders machines had grossed more than four billion quarters.

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The PS2 version of the arcade game "beatmania" was criticised in 2006 for being a "ripoff of [recently released] Guitar Hero". The beatmania series began in 1997.

The current Donkey Kong character is not the same as the villain that appeared in the 1980's arcade games. The original DK is the character now known as Cranky Kong. - source

Sega hired the mafia to kidnap a game developer's sister to stop them from working with Nintendo. In response, the developer hired a crane to drop a Sega arcade machine in front of their headquarters and sent them a threatening letter saying that one of their employees would be next. - source

The original NBA Jam arcade game generated revenue of over $1 Billion in quarters in its first year.

Light guns (like the one used in the NES "Duck Hunt" game) were invented and used in arcade games since the 1930s. - source

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Nintendo never intended to create Mario. The original arcade Donkey Kong was intended to be a Popeye game. When they lost the license, they came up with their own characters; Mario for Popeye, Donkey Kong for Bluto and Pauline for Olive Oyl.

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The "Atari Shuffle" was a trick used to get free plays from early coin-op arcade games. The trick involved players shuffling their feet to build a static charge, which could then be used to zap the machine into giving them a free game. (Referenced at 1:02)

The arcade game Pac-Man had generated over $2.5 billion by the 1990s. One quarter at a time.

There exists in Japan an arcade game where you're goal is to pound and flip a table in frustration using a tiny plastic table.

Vintage arcade games need old TVs that use CRT display technology. However many manufacturers are no longer making CRTs, and the little CRTs that are left are about to sell out.

Michael Jackson's pet chimp, Bubbles, appears in each level of the arcade game "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker." Once rescued, Bubbles turns Michael into a laser-shooting robot.

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By 1981 more than $1 billion had been made through Space Invader arcade games.

There is a Museum of Soviet Arcade Games in Moscow, where visitors can try out over fifty playable games (including Tankodrome!) dating from the Soviet Era.

Pac-Man the cartoon was the first cartoon to be made after an arcade game. It did not go over very well with audiences and only lasted two seasons.

Xbox 360 models included the Xbox 360 Core, Xbox 360 Arcade, Xbox 360 Premium, Xbox 360 Elite, Xbox 360 Slim, and Xbox 360 E.

Two young men independently died of heart attacks, a year apart, each after getting high scores in the arcade game Berzerk. It was the first known death to be connected to a video game.

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The original Street Fighter 1 arcade games had rubber pads that players punched. They were removed from the market when people injured themselves.

The famous arcade game "Pac-Man" was originally named "Puck-Man". The name was changed to prevent vandals from changing the "P" to an "F".

Nintendo had been struggling to enter the arcade game market and its president Hiroshi Yamauchi hired game designer Shigeru Miyamoto to design a game - which went on to become Donkey Kong.

The original Donkey Kong in the arcade game is who we know as "Cranky" Kong, his son is DK jr and the Donkey Kong that we all know is actually Donkey Kong III

In the original arcade game, a player could score the highest score possible by obtaining the maximum score on every level - which means scoring 3,333,360 points. This high score was mot reached until 1999, by Billy Mitchell, a pro-gamer. It took him six hours.

A majority of Pac-Man players was female. Although men were 80% of arcade gamers in 1982, women were half of the customer base for Centipede, Donkey Kong, and several other games. 95% of Defender and 90% of Omega Race players were men, however.

Space Invaders was one of the very first shooting arcade games that went to market and is believed to have contributed to paving the way for more games of its kind.

Polybius, a fictitious arcade game subject of an urban legend allegedly part of a government-run psychology experiment

Konami's arcade games usually used 57300 as the default high score because 573 can be pronounced Ko-Na-Mi in Japanese.

Pac-Man's designer Toru Iwatani, created the game to help attract more female arcade and video game players.

The arcade game "Stacker" is actually rigged to where the final "Major Prize" line is based on 1/200-800 chance (depending on what the owner sets it to).

In 1981, the government blamed arcade games for inciting street violence

Galloping Ghost is the biggest arcade in America and all of the games are set to 'free play'

Space Invaders was originally created to be a table top arcade game but when it was released in the west it was converted to the arcade cabinet format.

In 1966, Sega was the first company to charge 25 cents to play an arcade game ($2 today). That game, “Periscope,” was their first smash hit and is considered a turning point in the industry.

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