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Rodney Mullen only lost one out of 35 competitions in his career as a pro skater.

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Tony Hawk got 4 million dollars on one of his yearly royalty checks after Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 4 was released

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  1. MTV star and Pro skater Rob Dyrdek originally hired Big as body guard in 2008 to handle security guards at restricted skate spots... and to "take care of his boo boos" while filming for the DC skate video

  2. English comedian Tony Hawks would receive and respond to fanmail intended for Tony Hawk during the Pro Skater era.

  3. Tony Hawk and other Pro Skaters did a tour of skate parks around the nation unannounced.

  4. Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game franchise was a monster hit, even with non-skateboarders. It's 19 total games sold millions of copies across different consoles, won Game of The Year and even went Platinum. THPS 1-4 all received Metacritic scores in the mid to high 90s and are "Must Plays"!

  5. The lyrics in the song from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 is "Amoeba" not "Tony Haaaawk" and was not written for the game

  6. Jason Lee from "My name is Earl" is a pro skater.

  7. Ghost Rider almost had a side-scroller PS1 game developed by Nethersoft (Tony Hawk Pro Skater devs)

  8. India's first professional female skateboarder has an initiative called Girls Skate India and she's teaching young girls how to skate. She and a group of pro-female skaters from all around the world go around in India and organize free skate clinics. (skateboarding workshops)

  9. It inspired a generation': Tony Hawk on how the Pro Skater video games changed lives

  10. My Chemical Romance was formed due to the video game "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.'

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