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NYC's Roosevelt Island doesn't have a need for garbage trucks and weekly trash pick up. Instead there is an automated vacuum collection. Put your garbage into a porthole and it's transported via underground high speed pneumatic tubes to a centralized location where it's finally picked up.

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A group of French thieves called the vacuum gang stole 600000 Euros by sucking bills out of safes through those pneumatic tube deposit things with a vacuum.

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  1. When German WWII U-boats would cruise below the surface with diesel engines running, waves swamping the snorkel tubes would cause the engines to suck air from the boat to keep running, producing a partial vacuum. Crews reported it was very painful, and eardrums were sometimes ruptured.

  2. Many of the core systems of the New York Transit system are nearly 100 years old. Vacuum tubes, cloth lines, and antiquated switch panels run one of the biggest subway systems in America.

  3. The microwave oven was invented by accident. In 1945, Percy Spencer, an American self-taught engineer, was working in a lab testing magnetrons, the high-powered vacuum tubes inside radars that produced microwaves, where he noticed a peanut butter candy bar in his pocket had begun to melt

  4. NASA scientists created a nanoscale vacuum tube that can potentially replace silicon transistors in future electronics

  5. Their project was to find an alternative to glass vacuum tube amplifiers and Bardeen's theory on surface states was the key to making the project successful.

  6. In 1910, Georges Claude attempted to create interior home lighting using neon lights in vacuum tubes, but homeowners did not accept the idea due to their color.

  7. In 1936 he received the Hughes Medal for his discovery of spontaneous current variations in high-vacuum discharge tubes.

  8. In 1916 he worked at the University of Wurzburg on the development of vacuum tubes to be used in wireless communication.

  9. Lanthanum has been used in a variety of applications since its discovery, including vacuum tubes, hydrogen alloys, medications, and molecular biology.

  10. Preceding each code with "ten-" gave the radio transmitter time to reach full power (radios in the 1930s were based on vacuum tubes powered by a small motor-generator called a dynamotor took from 1/10 to 1/4 of a second to "spin up" to full power) because police officers'd forget to wait.

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The chord organ emerged after the spinet organ and was even easier to play than the spinet organ. The chord organs in the 1950s used vacuum-tube technology.

The IBM Combat Direction Central AN/FSQ-7 was a computerized command and control system for Cold War air defense and was largest computer system ever built, weighing 250 tons and requiring 60,000 vacuum tubes. - source

Nikola Tesla inadvertently captured the first X-Ray image while attempting to photograph Mark Twain with a vacuum tube. Twain was blasted with so much radiation that only the metal screw in the lens cap appeared in the picture. - source

Barium is used in the production of vacuum tubes, especially for televisions, by removing noble gases due to its low vapor pressure.

On November 2, 1915 Goddard received a patent for his invention of a vacuum tube that amplified a radio signal.

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Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-rays by accident. He was experimenting with some vacuum tubes when he made the discovery.

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On Roosevelt Island in NY household waste is collected by an automated vacuum collection (AVAC) system using a system of pneumatic tubes; this is the only AVAC system in the United States that serves a residential complex.

In 1907 he patented the Audion which was a thermionic grid-triode vacuum tube capable of transmitting speech and music wirelessly.

Heat-shrink tubing can be made from a plastic tube treated with radiation, heated and expanded with a vacuum on the outside, then rapidly cooled. Next time the tube is heated it will shrink back towards its original dimensions.

There really are B batteries, most commonly used in Europe, as well as A, F, and N batteries (plus a different type of B battery that was used for vacuum tube equipment).

The first integrated circuits were made in the 1920's by Loewe and included up to three triodes, tetrodes or pentodes and SEVERAL PASSIVE ELEMENTS in the same vacuum tube enclosure. These devices implemented almost an entire radio receiver in that one enclosure.

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The reason when we get blood drawn in those little tubes that our blood always shoots so easily is because that little tube is actually a vacuum.

Mark Dean, a designer of the original IBM PC, now uses a tablet instead. He wrote that he had "moved beyond the PC", comparing it to "the vacuum tube, typewriter, vinyl records, CRT and incandescent light bulbs".

Mark Shepherd, who served as CEO of Texas Instruments where he spearheaded development of the firms' integrated circuits, constructed a vacuum tube at the age of six and a radio at the age of seven.

During and after WW1 the US Navy used an optical sound system which utilized infra-red light and light sensitive vacuum tubes for top secret ship to ship communication.

Audion was the first vacuum tube with a control grid between the anode and cathode which made it possible to modulate the current between these two points, thus producing the first electronic amplifier.

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It is possible to get high speed operation at low power levels. More importantly, for NASA and the military, the device will be inherently immune to space radiation. How? Vacuum Tubes.

'Debugging' a system comes from taking actual moths out of vacuum tubes in computers

We say debug in programming because a moth was flew into a vacuum tube and the computer had to be "debugged".

The avionics of the MiG-25 were based on vacuum tubes, which were antiquated but can resist electromagnetic pulse during a nuclear blast.

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