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Punchcards were invented to solve the problem of the 1890 US Census. It took 8 years to process the data of the 1880 census, so Herman Hollerith invented punch cards for tabulation, ushering in the era of data storage, databases, and supercomputers.

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Blu-Ray discs hold more data because the laser is actually blue, which has as shorter wavelength than red and can read more accurately, allowing for more storage

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  1. Blu-Ray discs are called blue and can hold more storage because the laser is blue, which has a shorter wavelength than red and hence can read more accurately, allowing for more data to be stored.

  2. Nintendo 64 software rarely took advantage of 64-bit data precision operations. N64 game-titles generally used faster (and more compact) 32-bit data-operations. 32-bit code executed faster and required less storage space (which was at a premium on the N64's cartridges).

  3. A single gram of DNA can store almost a zettabyte (one trillion gigabytes) of digital data. And Microsoft is making an investment in DNA data storage.

  4. In 2008, Nintendo began research for holographic storage systems; this could potentially allow for incredibly high data read rates and storage densities

  5. Arvid, a data backup solution using a VHS tape as a storage medium. It was very popular in Russia and former USSR in mid-1990s. An E240 4-hour tape would be capable of storing between 4.35 and 4.46 GB, approximately equivalent to a standard single-layer DVDR.

  6. Columbia University computer scientists used a video streaming algorithm to create a way to use synthetic DNA for file storage, and up to 215 petabytes of data can be stored in a single gram of DNA using this method.

  7. A Solar Flare is not like an EMP. It can mess up the power grid and satellites, but it won't fry personal electronics or data storage.

  8. DNA can be a reliable form of data storage and, using DNA, all data in the world could be stored in the back of a van.

  9. When referring to data storage media the spelling 'disk' refers to magnetic storage while 'disc' refers to optical storage.

  10. When introduced, the iPhone 1 was "the exact equivalent of a Cray XMP supercomputer from twenty years ago that used to cost ten million dollars. It’s got the same operating system software, the same processing speed, the same data storage, compressed down to a six-hundred-dollar device. "

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data storage fact data chart about Cost of storage and global data availability.
Cost of storage and global data availability.

data storage fact data chart about Physical weight of in data and storage size release years
Physical weight of in data and storage size release years

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DNA can be used as storage for digital data

Police use special dogs to sniff out hidden hard drives, flash drives, and other electronic data storage devices. - source

The Ferranti Mark 1 -- "the first commercially available general-purpose computer" -- "could store just over a kilobyte of data in cathode-ray tubes for high-speed access; a rotating magnetic drum offered 82 kilobytes of permanent storage." - source

Scientists have created 5D data storage discs that can record 360 TB of data and outlast mankind.

The terms "big-endian" and "little-endian" for data storage in computers comes from Gulliver's Travels. Originally they described the schismatic split between Lilliputians and Blefuscudians over which end of a soft-boiled egg should be cracked first. - source

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Magnetic tape is still researched, viable and competitive medium for large scale data storage

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There are special police dogs that can sniff out data storage devices

It may be possible to use a black hole as a data storage and/or computing device, if a practical mechanism for extraction of contained information can be found

Star Trek TNG's Commander Data (at 100 petabytes) would store about 5% of the NSA's current storage.

Microsoft just flicked the switch on the first "DNA drive" for data storage potential starting a new era in computing

Sony made 185TB data storage cassette tape in 2014

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data storage fact infographic about Projected world data storage needs through 2025

Projected world data storage needs through 2025

When did flight data recorders become mandatory?

About Mercury Delay Lines - memory storage that used sound wave propagation through mercury to transmit data

Video game replays are being stored as text files instead of video files to save on storage space. This allows for you to re-create the action while playing it back, but doesn't require huge amounts of video data to be stored. The files for RIOT games are called ".rofl"

A single human genome contains the approximate of 1.5GB data, and thus the estimated data storage capacity in a human body is 150 Zettabytes

The character of Johnny Mnemonic was a "human data courier" in a cyber future. The film was set in 2021 but Johnny only had an 80GB data storage device in his brain, meaning he knows less than my USB pen drive does today.

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