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The microcontroller inside a Macbook charger is about as powerful as the original Macintosh computer.

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A MacBook charger has a tiny computer inside it for regulating power and such. That computer is about as powerful as the CPU for the original Macintosh.

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  1. Steve Jobs almost caused the indefinite delay of the original Apple Macintosh because he wanted to develop its floppy drive in-house. Engineer George Crow and others worked secretly with Sony to utilize their new 3.5" drive, even hiding a Sony engineer in a closet so Jobs wouldn't see him.

  2. Powerpoint was originally developed for the Apple MacIntosh. It was acquired by Microsoft in 1987 after generating $1m in Mac sales.

  3. The original Macintosh 128k didn't have arrow keys because Apple wanted to force developers to create new software that used the mouse/GUI, rather than port over old programs

  4. TED Talks have been around for over 30 years and originally featured demos of the compact disc and one of the first demonstrations of the Apple Macintosh computer

  5. The micro controller in Apple's power adapters is as powerful as the processor in the original Macintosh.

  6. The Macintosh computer was originally called the McIntosh after the apple of the same name but they had to change it for legal reasons

  7. After being repeatedly unable to make Steve Jobs happy while developing Calculator for the original Macintosh, its programmer created "The Steve Jobs Roll Your Own Calculator Construction Set" so Jobs could change the app's look to what he preferred. Apple used Jobs' design for 18 years.

  8. Halo was originally going to be a third person shooter and would've been sold for the Apple Macintosh in 1999.

  9. MacPaint (the painting software bundled with the original Macintosh) had a menu of useful tools originally called "Aids" in pre-release versions. The name was changed to "Goodies" for release as AIDS awareness grew in late-1983.

  10. While the original Macintosh revolutionized the computer industry, it was a huge sales failure and the reason Jobs was fired. It wasn't until the Macintosh Plus (1986) that Apple found success with creatives.

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MacBook CHARGERS have better processors than the original Macintosh

Steve Jobs and Rod Holt wanted to name the original Macintosh as the "Bicycle", so as to distance it from Jef Raskin, the original initiator of the project. But failed to do so when the team objected to the new name and decided to stick with the code name "Macintosh." - source

Bungie was originally created in 1991 to make games for Macintosh because it was an easier market to compete in.

When was the original macintosh released?

The original Macintosh came with signatures of the team molded into the case, but it was later removed for easier manufacturing.

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