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Because electronic computers were not fast in 1959, the X15 experimental jet used a Fluidic Digital Computer that used water instead of electricity. It featured hypersensitive Fluidic Integrated Circuits and Logic Gates that could make course corrections faster than its contemporary computers.

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Moore's Law states the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles every 2ys, however, it's balanced out by Binn's Law, which states: As technology advances, rendering time remains constant. Because the more machines are capable of, the more we throw at them.

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  1. Jack Kilby, as a new employee at Texas Instruments, did not have a summer vacation. While the rest of his colleagues took their summer time off, he used his time to invent the integrated circuit

  2. The Speak & Spell earned an IEEE milestone in 2009 for being the first device to use an integrated circuit to process digital inputs into speech.

  3. Integrated circuit designers sometimes include hidden artwork in their chip designs. In some cases this was done to prevent copyright violations.

  4. That, similar to Band-Aid or Chapstick, "Microchip" is a generic trademark. Microchip Technology Inc. has been a leading producer of integrated circuits and microcontrollers since 1989.

  5. The hidden wonders of 'chip art'. Designs in integrated circuits so incredibly tiny they can only be photographed with specialized microscope equipment. The Simpson's Milhouse, Mr. T, & A guitar playing dinosaur are some of the known designs.

  6. The first integrated circuits were made in the 1920's by Loewe and included up to three triodes, tetrodes or pentodes and SEVERAL PASSIVE ELEMENTS in the same vacuum tube enclosure. These devices implemented almost an entire radio receiver in that one enclosure.

  7. Integrated Circuit was invented by a young engineer Jack Kilby who didn't have right to a summer vacation in 1958 as he was newly employed.

  8. The Czochralski process, important in creating monocrystalline silicon used in integrated circuits, was discovered by accident when Czochralski accidentally dipped his in molten tin rather than ink, drawing a monocrystalline filament

  9. Mark Shepherd, who served as CEO of Texas Instruments where he spearheaded development of the firms' integrated circuits, constructed a vacuum tube at the age of six and a radio at the age of seven.

  10. Moore's law is the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years

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In addition to the integrated circuit, Jack Kilby also invented the handheld calculator and the thermal printer.

Bioengineers have invented an artificial protein that mimics an integrated computer circuit, opening up possibilities of smart cells that behaves like tiny autonomous robots, for things like detecting diseases and damaged cells. - source

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