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Concrete was poured into an ant colony, and then excavated. It spanned 50 sq meters underground, and went 8 meters deep.

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The most porous material has so much internal surface area in its pores that 1 gram would unfold to 1.5 football fields (7,000 sq meters). Activated carbon in your water filter for comparison is 1 gram at 500 sq meters

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  1. The Death Star would be an absurdly lonely place. A sphere 160 km across, a crew of 1.7 million and ~479 trillion sq meters of floor space, every person would have ~thirty million 100 sq foot rooms to themselves; searching 1 room / min, you'd only meet 2 other people in an 80 year lifetime.

  2. There is a banyan tree in India called Thimmamma Marrimanu whose canopy covers 4.721 acres (19,107 sq. meters) making it the largest tree specimen in the world.

  3. The world's largest cashew tree is in Pirangi do Norte, Brazil. The tree is 2.1 acres/8,400 sq. meters and is estimated to be more than a thousand years old

  4. Dahala Khagrabari, a small Indian town (approx 7,000 sq meters) surrounded by Bangladesh, surrounded by India, surrounded by Bangladesh. Due to the problems of living in and governing such an area, on May 6, 2015, India agreed to cede the enclave to Bangladesh.

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