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It would take 260,000,000,000 balloons to lift The Pentagon

how many balloons to lift a person?

It would take roughly 10,000 normal balloons to lift up a 70kg human

What causes lift in hot air balloons?

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what causes helium balloons to lose their lift?

  1. On 1982, underestimating helium's lifting power, Larry Walters attached 45 helium-filled weather balloons to a chair to fly it and rose to 4600 m near Los Angeles International Airport, before shooting ballons and landing in power lines

  2. Air is a lifting gas on Venus, so you could put a whole city in a balloon and it would float in its atmosphere

  3. It would take approximately 4,000 helium balloons to lift the average human.

  4. About the "vacuum balloon" which is theoretically the most efficient method to achieve lift from displacement, about 14% better than helium

  5. It would take around 4,800 helium-filled balloons to lift a person weighing 132 lbs (60kg) off the ground.

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