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About the Great California flood of 1862 - which submerged Sacramento under 10 feet of water and turned California’s Central Valley into a vast inland sea spanning 300 miles long, 20 miles wide and 30 feet deep. It killed thousands, bankrupted the state and historically happens every 200 years.

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A 6 feet wide stream exists in England that all who swim in it are sucked to certain death.

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  1. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is actually just as wide as it is tall - it is 630 feet in height and 630 feet in width. It is also the tallest man-made monument in the United States.

  2. The “Tree That Owns Itself” is a white oak tree in Athens, GA, that is widely assumed to legally own itself and the eight feet of land surrounding it. According to newspapers, a deed written by Colonel William Jackson was written to the tree, giving ownership of the land to itself in the 1800s.

  3. The world's thinnest house is just 4 feet wide - set between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland, the home is 33 feet in depth and about 30 feet tall

  4. There is a Jewish myth about a giant lion called Tigris. The lion had a head 21 feet (9 cubits) wide. In the myth, Tigris roared, women within 2200 kilometers miscarried and a city was destroyed. Tigris roared a second time and the teeth of the men looking for Tigris fell out

  5. Harpy eagles nest high in the trees, usually 130 feet above the ground. Both male and female participate in building of the nest that is usually 6 feet wide and one foot deep. One nest contains more than 300 branches. Harpy eagles continually bring fresh green twigs to the nest to keep it clean from the parasites and insects.

  6. 400 million years ago, there were giant mushrooms as tall as a tree – 26 feet tall and about 3 feet wide

  7. Bald eagles build the largest nests of any bird; the largest nest ever found was 10 feet wide and 20 feet deep (3m x 6m) and weighed more than 2 tonnes!

  8. The US Navy has a fully simulated ocean that is 240 feet wide, 360 feet long, and holds over twelve million gallons of water.

  9. Rogue Waves appear without warning and are extremely huge(ex. 65 feet high) and dangerous. Rogue waves are often steep(cliff like) with very deep troughs. A widely reported phenomenon among sailors for centuries but only recently(30ish years) documented and witnessed with measurable equipment.

  10. The World's Smallest Park is only 2 feet wide

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The world's largest beaver dam is in Alberta Canada. At 3,000 feet wide, it's twice the width of the Hoover Dam. It's so large it can be seen from space.

The longest tunnel in the world is the aqueduct that takes water from upstate New York to Manhattan. It is 13.5 feet wide and 85 miles long. - source

Long before trees overtook the land, Earth's surface was covered by gigantic 24 feet tall and three feet wide mushrooms. - source

The oldest known rose plant is 700 years old, 69 feet high, and 30 feet wide.

The world's largest ball of paint is in Alexandria, Indiana. The creator added a layer of paint to a baseball everyday since 1997. It is now over 14 feet wide and weighs 2.5 tons - source

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Peoria IL has a 40 mile long scale model of the solar system. The Sun is 46 feet wide, and the closest planet Mercury is 2 inches tall and 1/3 mile away.

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The world's largest ball of paint is in Alexandria, Indiana. The creator added a layer of paint to a baseball everyday since 1997. It is now 14 feet wide and weighs 2.5 tons!

Whale shark has 4.9 feet wide mouth with 4000 teeth arranged in 350 rows. Although this sounds scary, teeth are very small (size of a match head) and look like a rasp.

Basking shark has small eyes, pointed, conically-shaped snout and wide jaws (up to 3 feet in width) filled with several rows of miniature, backward curved teeth. It has 5 big gill slits on the back of the head, large dorsal and pectoral fins and crescent-shaped tail. Basking shark looks like huge great white shark with unusually shaped head.

A volleyball court is 29 feet, 6 inches wide by 59 feet. The net is 7 feet, 11 5/8ths high for men. For women it is 7 feet, 4 1/8th inches high.

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The Sistine Chapel is 134 feet long, 44 feet wide, and 68 feet tall.

Saturn's rings stretch nearly 250,000 miles wide but are on average only 55 feet thick

Herds of nilgai live on the territory that can be 1.7 square meters wide. Both male and female animals use urine to mark their territory. They also defecate on a single place, creating a pile of dung that can be 9.8 feet in diameter.

The highest crater lake in North America is located in Mount Rainier. It is 130 feet long by 30 feet wide and it is 16 feet deep. The lake sits under 100 feet of ice.

Bald eagles build large nests. Largest known nest was 20 feet deep, 13 feet wide and weighed nearly 3 tones.

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When the tower was built it stood 260 feet tall. It was also one of the tallest buildings in China at the time it was built. It was also 97 feet wide at the base.

Construction workers in Seattle had to dig a huge pit 120 feet down under part of the city to recover the cutting head of the world's largest tunnel boring machine after its bearings failed. The machine is 326 feet long, has a cutting head over 57 feet wide, and weighs 6700 tons.

Trees found growing in the park vary widely because of the 6000 feet of vertical change which provides for many plant zones. Plants and trees found in the park include saltgrass, prickly pear, pinyon pine, juniper, Douglas fir, white fir, aspen, ponderosa pine, and spruce, among many others.

Christ the Redeemer is the largest art deco statue in the world. It is 98 feet tall (not including the 26 foot pedestal), and the arms stretch to 92 feet wide.

Redbud tree is small tree. It develops 6 to 10 inches wide trunk that can grow 15 to 30 feet in height. Crown can reach 10 to 20 feet in diameter.

11 years after the Challenger disaster, two barnacle-encrusted pieces of the wreckage measuring 6 feet wide and 13 feet long washed up on shore just 20 miles south of the Kennedy Space Center.

Sassafras can grow as tall shrub or tree. It can reach 20 to 60 feet (rarely 100 feet) in height and 25 to 39 feet in width. Crown is composed of slender, wide-spreading branches. Each part of the sassafras tree is aromatic.

When they are resting, dolphins swim close to the surface, but when they are wide awake they can dive up to 1000 feet under water.

Marula produces single stem that can reach 29 to 59 feet in height. Tree has wide, round-shaped crown.

There is a crater in Death Valley called Ubehebe Crater. It is 500 to 777 feet deep and half a mile wide, and despite previous research that dated the crater to up to 7000 years old, current research suggests it is only 800 years old.

Tailed frog has wide and flat toes on the hind feet. Thanks to specially designed feet, frog can move easily across the rocks on the bottom of the stream.

Rinks in North America measure 85 feet wide by 200 feet long.

Silk tree can reach 10 to 50 feet in height. It develops single or multiple trunks and wide crown.

Rod Stewart's model train layout measures 23 feet wide by 124 feet long, a 1,500-sq foot HO-scaled diorama that captures post-war Manhattan in detail, from its recreation of a crowded terminal station for the NY Central and Penn Railroads to the towering brick and stone skyscrapers that frame it

Kite-shaped bony plates were not directly attached to the skeleton. Largest plates were 2 feet wide and 2 feet long, while tail spikes were up to 4 feet long.

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