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After the Taliban blew up two giant 4th-century Buddha statues, a network of caves were discovered which held ancient Buddhist paintings and another giant Buddha statue. This previously undiscovered statue was 62 ft tall, bigger than the two that were destroyed.

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India's richest man lives in a 27-story 400,000 sq ft tower with 4 family members and 600 staff. The 550ft tall building contains a 168-car garage spanning 6 floors, 9 elevators, 4 stories of hanging gardens, a 50-seat theater, an artificial snow room, and 3 helipads, valued at $2bn USD.

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  1. A guy implied he was going to build a 480 ft skyscraper but labeled all the plans as 480". Then he had it built 40' tall as per the plans, pocketed the investment money and won in court because he didn't technically defraud anyone.

  2. The Cinderella Castle (189 ft) and Tower of Terror (199 ft) at Disney World (Orlando, FL, USA) are intentionally under 200 feet (61 m) tall to avoid regulations that would require it to have flashing aircraft warning lights at the top.

  3. The makers of Jurassic Park designed a human-sized Raptor (normally <2 ft tall) in 1990. In 1991, a 5.5 ft tall "super-slasher" Raptor skeleton was discovered in Utah. "We designed it, we built it, and then they discovered it."

  4. Original Microwave Ovens were 6 ft tall, weighed 750 pounds and had to be water cooled to keep them from overheating.

  5. According to Jainism, time runs on a cosmic wheel with 6 eras. We're currently in the 5th, a time of sorrow, little happiness, averaging 6 ft tall and a <130 year lifespan. Eventually we'll return to the 1st era of utmost happiness, no sorrow, average 6 miles tall, and live 3 x 10^194 years.

  6. The 72 virgins promised to male believers are each 90 ft tall, 10.5ft wide, and have skin that is transparent to the bone marrow.

  7. The "Demon Duck of Doom," an extinct flightless bird that lived in what is now Australia. It stood over 8 ft tall, and had a skull larger than that of some horses. Despite the nickname, it was more closely related to the chicken.

  8. Po, the smallest Teletubby, is 6 ft. 6 in., while Tinky-Winky looms around 10 ft. tall. Though onscreen the Fab Four appear to be a baby-friendly size, in 'person' they are gargantuan, bigger than Barney, bigger even than Big Bird.

  9. Homo floresiensis, an extinct 3.5 ft tall hominin that used stone tools, is believed to have lived alongside modern human as recently as 12,000 years ago.

  10. When the body of Layne Staley - the lead singer of Alice In Chains - was discovered, it weighed 86 pounds. He was 6 ft. tall and suffered from depression, and addiction to speed and cocaine.

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In 1948, people believed a 15 ft tall penguin existed. Zoologist Ivan Sanderson invested and claimed it not a hoax. It turned out to be Tony Signorini stomping around in the sand wearing 30-pound, 3-toed lead shoes as a prank for 10 years.

The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea is 330 metres (1,080 ft) tall and was intended to be world's tallest hotel but these days it is the tallest unoccupied building in the world - source

A 30 ft tall log - the "Old Man of the Lake" - has been bobbing vertically on its end in Oregon's Crater Lake since at least 1896. - source

If you know an American male, between ages 20 and 40, who is at least 7 ft tall, there is a 17% chance that he is playing in the NBA.

Numerous fossil bones indicate some populations of H. heidelbergensis were "giants" routinely over 2.13 m (7 ft) tall and inhabited South Africa between 500,000 and 300,000 years ago. - source

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In 1879 7 ft 11 in(2.41 m) Anna Swan and 7 ft 9 in(2.36 m) Martin Bates are not only the tallest couple ever but also gave birth to the largest baby ever. At 23 pounds 9 ounces(10.7 kg) and nearly 30 inches tall(75 cm) and each of his feet were six inches(152 mm) long but he only lived 11 hours.

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6 Nasa recruits are living for a year under a 36ft in diameter x 20 ft tall dome in Hawaii, to simulate life on Mars. They must wear a spacesuit when outside the dome. Recruits are: A French astrobiologist, German physicist and 4 Americans (pilot, architect, journalist, soil scientist).

There is an ongoing project to build a 40-story tall, 3D-printed globe big enough to feature every manmade and natural feature larger than 30 ft. on the surface of the model.

There used to be 8 ft. tall 300lb carnivorous flightless birds in North and South America known colloquially as Terror Birds

Following the destruction of Afghanistan's ancient Buddhas of Bamiyan in 2001, China built the 128 m (420 ft) tall Spring Temple Buddha, the tallest statue in the world to date.

A 50-ft. tall mechanical spider wandered around Liverpool for four days in 2008 as part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations. It was operated by 12 people strapped to its body and moved at two mph, causing critics to object to the potentially traumatic effect on arachnophobia victims.

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About Mauna Kea, a mountain in Hawaii. When measured from it's base, which is under water, it is 33,000 ft tall. This makes it the tallest mountain in the world, 4000 ft taller than Mount Everest.

During WWI, Norman Rockwell tried to enlist into the U.S. Navy but was refused entry because, at 140 lbs, he was 8 lbs underweight for someone 6 ft tall. To compensate, he spent one night gorging himself on bananas, liquids, and doughnuts, and weighed enough to enlist the next day.

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan installed an 11 meter (36 ft) tall marble statue of a middle finger directly in front of the Milan Stock exchange as a clear message to Italy's CEOs and Bankers

There are fossilized forests with more than 300 ft tall (100 meters) trees in argentina that have been buried in ash for 150 million years

The largest ape ever, Gigantopithecus, is believed to have stood 10 ft tall (3m), and weighed over 1000 pounds (450kg)

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There is a monument on the coast of Norway that consists of three giant (10 m / 33 ft tall) swords rising from the rock.

Scalesia pedunculata, a member of the daisy family found in the Galapagos Archipelago. Since it is difficult for trees to colonize isolated volcanic islands like the Galapagos, this plant has evolved a treelike form (growing up to 66 ft tall) and spreads across the islands in large forests.

Cortes Bank, a mountain just below the surface of an unsuspecting spot in the middle of the ocean. It produces 80 ft tall breaking waves, has awesome dive sites with abundant sea life and a shipwreck, and two attempts have been made to turn it into an island nation.

The Tower of Terror in Disneyworld is 199 ft tall, on purpose 1 feet below the height at which FAA regulations make those red lights mandatory. The designers did not want those red lights distract from the theme.

Ohio Cemetery removed and later reinstalled a 6.8ft tall SpongeBob headstone that belongs to Army Sgt. Kimberly Walker

There were once elephant-sized ground sloths called megatherium. They could weigh up to 4 tonnes and be as tall as 6 m (20 ft) in length from head to tail.

The BT tower in London was an state secret until 1993 and as such wasn't on official maps despite the fact it's 177m (581 ft) tall, was constructed in 1964, and had been open to the public for 15 years.

The world's tallest statue, called Statue of Unity, is 182 metres (597 ft) tall and is of an Indian statesman and independence activist.

When "The Gadget" (the first nuclear weapon to be detonated; equivalent to 22 kilotons of TNT) was being hoisted to the top of the 100-ft tall test tower, "a truckload of mattresses was placed underneath in case the cable broke and the Gadget fell."

The second tallest person in history was John Rogan, the son of a former slave, who was 8 ft 6 in (2.59 m) tall. Rogan's hands measured 11.5 in (29 cm) in length and his feet measured 13.7 in (35 cm) in length.

Snapple once made a 25 ft tall, 17.5 ton popsicle, but it melted on the way to its Manhattan unveiling in the 80°F weather, flooding the streets with kiwi-strawberry-flavored fluid

In 1880s Alaska there were wolves larger than the Dire Wolf. The Kenai Peninsula Wolf measured 4.5ft tall(shoulder),7ft long(excluding the tail), with an estimated max weight of 200-250 pounds.

Australia was once home to super sized marsupials, such as the Giant short-faced kangaroo a 6.5ft tall Kangaroo which couldn't hop

In 1923 an earthquake struck Tokyo generating a 40 ft. tsunami. Within minutes nearly 136 fires had broken out within the city. Nearly 44,000 people sought refuge near the Sumida River when a 300 ft tall "fire tornado" or "dragon twist" blew through killing all but 300 of them.

A roadside 62 foot tall Jesus statue that cost $250,000 to make was struck by lightning and burned down. It has since been replaced by a 10 ft shorter statue.

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