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On March 9-10, 1945, 300 B29 bombers dropped nearly 500,000 cylinders of napalm and petroleum jelly on Tokyo creating a 40-sq-km firestorm that killed over 100,000 and maimed another million. It was the most destructive single bombing in history, including Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs.

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In the US west of Washington DC there's a National Radio Quiet Zone - 13,000 square miles (34,000 sq km) of radio silence where cellphones are banned

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  1. In 1908, a meteor exploded over Siberia and flattened over 770 sq miles (2000 km) of forests. Though it disintegrated ~3 miles above Earth, it created an airburst with 1000x more energy than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Incredibly, only 3 people were killed.

  2. During the peak of Japan's 1980s real estate bubble, the Imperial palace grounds in the middle of downtown Tokyo (3.4 sq km/ 1.3 sq miles) was estimated to be worth more than all the real estate in California combined.

  3. The Pope(s) did not leave the grounds of the Vatican (.17 sq mi, .44 sq km) for nearly 60 years, as they did not recognize the legitimacy of Italian control of Rome.

  4. In 1931 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Hawke's Bay New Zealand and converted 40 sq km of sea bed to dry land. The new land is now a regional airport.

  5. Even though Canada is larger in total area than the United States, much of that area is water, and the US actually occupies slightly more land area in North America than Canada does; about 26,000 sq miles (68,500sq km).

  6. .tv is the domain name for the tiny island nation of Tuvalu (26 sq. km). It accounts for 10% of it's total revenue each year.

  7. Dhaka, Bangladesh has a population density up to 4,210 per acre (2.7 million per sq mile, 1 million per sq km) in some of its slums. This is like cramming 3.7 billion people into Washington DC.

  8. The Death Star would be an absurdly lonely place. A sphere 160 km across, a crew of 1.7 million and ~479 trillion sq meters of floor space, every person would have ~thirty million 100 sq foot rooms to themselves; searching 1 room / min, you'd only meet 2 other people in an 80 year lifetime.

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Melbourne was originally called Batmania. In May and June 1835, after John Batman, who negotiated a purchase of 2400 sq km with Wurundjeri elders.

In 1938 the Chinese Nationalists purposely flooded 1000's of sq km around the Yellow River in attempt to stop the Japanese advance into central China. The plan failed militarily, and killed an estimated 800,000 of their own people, displaced 10 million, and destroyed the inundated land. - source

~50% of the Great Barrier Reef died in 2016 and 2017 due to coral bleaching. That's are area of about 344,000 sq km. - source

Anna Creek Station is Australia's, & the world's, largest cattle farm. With an area of 23,677 sq km it is slightly larger than Israel

Antarctica is roughly 80 percent as big as South America (14 million sq. km vs. 17.84 sq. km.) - source

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Despite the common misconception, the surface area of Russia is not larger than that of Pluto. The New Horizons probe in 2015 gave a new accurate measurement to Pluto's surface area: 6,813,163 sq mi (17,646,012). On the other hand, Russia's area is 6,592,772 sq mi (17,075,200 sq km).

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A region of Maine, Northwest Aroostook, has an area of 2669.2 sq km and a population of only 10.

Germany (357,000 sq km) and Montana (381,000 sq km) are roughly the same size.

Poecilotheria metallica is a species of tarantula that it is covered in blue hair. Like others in its genus it exhibits an intricate fractal-like pattern on the abdomen. The species' habitat is just a 100 sq. km (39 sq mi) area in central southern India. No human fatalities have been reported.

There is an igloo-shaped cathedral in Canada whose diocese covers one-third the land mass of the country (4,000,000 sq km)

In HK a private developer owns a town that is 6.5 sq km and is home to over 20,000 people

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The least densely populated county ara in the U.S. has 0.015 people / sq km

Anna Creek Station, a cattle station (ranch) in Australia that is 34,000 sq km, larger than Belgium.

Principality of Sealand claims to be the smallest country with an area of about 0.004 sq km.

The size of Liechtenstein is 160 sq km. That's the equivalent of 61.776 sq mi.

China and the US have almost the same amount of land: the US (9,525,067 sq km) has 99.5% the amount of China's land. This means that China's population density is over 4x the USA's.

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Monaco (2.02 sq km), a sovereign city-state in Europe, could fit into Central Park (3.41 sq km) almost twice.

Canada has just three army bases (120 soldiers), no air bases, and no naval bases defending the 3,600,000 sq. km of its Northern Territories.

The City of London itself has only 7,375 inhabitants and an area of 1.12 square miles (2.9 sq km)

Lagos, Nigeria is developing a new skyscraper city of 10 sq km. Built on reclaimed land, it anticipates at least 250,000 residents and a daily flow of 150,000 commuters.

Kraken Mare, at 400,000 sq km (~150,000 sq miles) is the largest known lake in the Universe, located on Saturn's moon Titan and mostly made of liquid methane.

Pitcairn Islands only has a population of about 56 inhabitants and has a total area of 47 km (18.1 sq mi), making it the least populous national jurisdiction in the world

Deforestation in the Brazilian rainforest has actually been decreasing from 21,000 sq km per year in 1977, to under 6000 in 2013.

The Free Republic of Liberland, a micronation claimed by a Czech politician between Croatia and Serbia. It has no international recognition and is only 7 sq. km in area.

Denmark is 2000 miles from the North Pole, and is bidding for ownership for 895k sq km of the Arctic Ocean, an area 20 times its size

By 1983 there where 173,371 bunkers in Albania, 5.7 per Sq Km^2 , to protect the country in case of a foreign invasion.

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