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50 beavers were introduced into Tierra del Fuego in the 1940s to help start a fur trade. There are now over 100,000, and they have devastated over 16 million hectares.

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Japan's Hitashi Seaside Park covers an area of 190 hectares with 4.5 million flower blossoms. Come spring, the Nemophila seeds create a landscape of perpetual blue.

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  1. The entire petrol and diesel requirement for America could be provided by 3.8 million hectares of algael blooms producing biofuel. To put this into perspective America already has 182 million hectares of land for crop production.

  2. The Catholic Church owns 71.6 million hectares of land, an area larger than France.

  3. A Dutch conservation expert started a project to "rewild" one million hectares of land in Europe, turning it back to its wild state in order to restore European biodiversity. They raised ther start up capital of €3 million through a lottery in the Netherlands.

  4. In the 1940s, 50 North American beavers were introduced to the area by the Argentine government to help start a fur industry — their numbers have now swelled to an estimated 100,000, invading roughly 16 million hectares of unique, indigenous forest, and causing millions of dollars of damages.

  5. In 1975 Canaima National Park was expanded from one million hectares to three million hectares.

  6. In 1987, a nine year-old Swedish boy and his teacher began a movement that raised $2 million internationally and protects 22,500 hectares (55,600 acres) of Costa Rican rainforest.

  7. In an average year, Canada has 9000 forest fires, consuming around 2.5 million hectares. Many are simply monitored and left to burn, as they are nowhere near a human settlement.

  8. The the largest fire in North American history, the 1950 Chinchaga fire in NW Alberta, covered 1.4 million hectares (3.5 million acres) and smoke from the fire covered the Eastern seaboard of the USA and was seen as far away as France.

  9. Approximately 64% of British Columbia – about 60.3 million hectares (149 million acres) – is forested. Protected areas total 11.7 million hectares (29 million acres) roughly the size of Cuba.

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China from 2000-2005 increased forests by ~4 million hectares per year - around 5 times the amount of reforestation in Europe and US combined

The centre of the centre of marine biodiversity in the world is the Verde Island Passage in the Philippines. The 1.14 million hectare passage is extremely rich in marine biodiversity, the richest area in the entire Coral Triangle. - source

The international market of Rungis, in a southern suburb of Paris, France, covers 232-hectares (573 acres). With over 1.7 million tonnes brought annually, it has the largest turnover of any wholesale markets in the world. - source

Indigenous territories organized as Native Community Lands in Bolivia cover 16.8 million hectares (168,000 km2), over 15% of Bolivia.

In 2008 A Korean logistics firm was to lease roughly half of the arable land in Madagascar for 99 years to produce biofuel. 1.3 million hectares. - source

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66 million tons of palm oil is refined yearly & is contributing to rapid deforestation. It’s the cheapest, largest yielding and most produced vegetable oil worldwide. A single hectare of rainforest releases up to 6000 tons of CO2 & 90% of the deforestation occurs in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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In 1987 the Black Dragon Fire was 7.28 million hectares. (85x larger than the fire in Fort McMurray)

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