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A man claimed the only unclaimed habitable area left on earth, Bir Tawil, so that his daughter could be a real princess.

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A little girl from Virginia asked her dad if she could become 'a real princess'. The father said yes and trekked to Bir Tawil: an uninhabited and unclaimed territory. He planted a home-made flag and is pursuing official recognition for "Kingdom of North Sudan"

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  1. An American planted a flag in Bir Tawil in North Africa, the only unclaimed land in the world outside Antartica, and established the "North Kingdom of Sudan" so his 7 year old daughter could become a real-life princess

  2. In 2014, Jeremiah Heaton from Virginia, traveled to and claimed the previously unclaimed land of Bir Tawil between Egypt and Sudan as his "kingdom" so that his 7-year-old daughter could be a real princess.

  3. About Bir Tawil: An 800 square mile area along the border between Egypt and Sudan, uninhabited, and claimed by neither. Both Egypt and Sudan insist that only the other owns it and no one else claims it. It is the only place on Earth that is habitable but not claimed by any recognized government.

  4. In 2014 a man from Virginia went to the disputed territory of Bir Tawil, planted a flag and claimed it for himself, so that his 7-year old daughter could fulfill her dream of being a princess

  5. South of Egypt, there is a small area of land called Bir Tawil that no country has claimed. In 2014, a single American citizen claimed the region as a sovereign state, established embassies around the world, and appointed his daughter as princess.

  6. Bir Tawil, the last habitable land on earth that is not taken or recognised by a government

  7. Bir Tawil, a piece of land between Egypt and Sudan, is the only unclaimed territory in the world outside of Antartica

  8. Bir Tawil, a 2,060 km2 swath of land between Egypt and Sudan that is not claimed by any country.

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Bir Tawil Is Unclaimed Land In Between Eygpt and Sudan in Africa

Bir Tawil, a disputed and barren piece of land between Egypt and Sudan that both countries claim belongs to the other. If either country claims Bir Tawil, then an adjacent and oil-rich region called the Hala'ib Triangle automatically belongs to the other country. - source

A man from Virginia claimed a small area of land called Bir Tawil in Africa, he did it so his daughter could be an official princess - source

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