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An Indian bumper sticker that said “Horn OK Please” was banned in Maharashtra because its popularity in getting people to blow their horns for no reason at all was significantly contributing to the city’s noise pollution.

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There are threats to the Elkhorn Ranch unit of the park, due to oil development on the lands next to the unit. This development includes noise, traffic, and visual pollution factors to the ranch, which were all things Theodore tried to prevent.

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  1. Noise pollution is deadly to whales: sonar can directly inflict fatal physical trauma and decompression sickness (akin to "the bends"). Individuals—sometimes entire pods—will beach themselves to escape, whereupon they will choke to death under their own weight or drown at high tide.

  2. Great tits sing at a higher frequency in noise polluted urban surroundings than quieter ones to help overcome the auditory masking. Humans also do this, and is called the Lombard effect.

  3. Noise pollution related to traffic kills 50000 people every year

  4. Helicopter commuting already existed in the late 40s in New York, between Manhattan and nearby Airports. At one point, it served more than 500.000 passengers per year, but ended tragically due to crashes and noise pollution.

  5. Chongqing, a city of 14 million, has few cyclists compared to other Chinese cities due to its hills and the city banned the use of car horns to improve noise pollution on the congested peninsula

  6. Ocean noise pollution caused by humans is wreaking havoc on marine life

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World's most noise polluted countries: India comes in top

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