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In 2006, Richard Branson pledged $3bn to fight global warming over 10 years. As of 2014, he has spent less than 1/10 of that.

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The Percentage of Americans believing that global warming is caused by humans has actually gone DOWN over the past decade

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  1. The Earths orbital shape around the sun fluctuates by about 5% every 100,000 years. This is part of the reason we experience cyclical global warming and cooling.

  2. Changes in climate due to global warming can also cause problems with crop growing, animal habitats, and increased severe weather.

  3. The used, chemical-filled water used for fracking is often left in open air pits to evaporate. The chemicals evaporate to a certain extent into the air as well, adding to air pollution, and contributing to global warming via greenhouse gases.

  4. The warmest years to date have occurred within the last 12 years.

  5. Scientists want to introduce global warming on Mars to make life habitable for colonization.

  6. Due to the effects of global warming, the Caribbean Sea's coral reef is threatened. The reefs provide an annual income of between $3.1 and $4.6 billion to the Caribbean nations through tourism, diving, and fishing.

  7. The Ganges River is becoming shallower in some area. Some attribute this water level change to climate change and global warming.

  8. Scientists suggest that by the year 2040 the Artic will have no ice during its summer season.

  9. The increased usage of fossil fuels is one reason why the greenhouse gases are increasing in the atmosphere.

  10. Greenhouse gases are essential because without them, our planet would not be able to hold enough heat to sustain life.

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global warming fact data chart about Global carbon emissions compared to IPCC recommended pathway
Global carbon emissions compared to IPCC recommended pathway to 1.5 degree warming

global warming fact data chart about Subsiding global dust storm on Mars is evident in warming da
Subsiding global dust storm on Mars is evident in warming daytime, cooling nighttime temps

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Governments and people have to make serious changes to the way we live to reduce greenhouse gases and to reduce the effects of global warming and climate change for future generations.

Around 1.4 billion pounds of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere worldwide every day.

The meat industry contributes to the increase in global warming more than any other industry.

Because of the increase in temperature, ice caps have begun melting causing the sea level to rise.

The surface of the inner planets is characterized by volcanoes, canyons, craters, and mountains, and earth is the only one known to have water on its surface. Earth and Mars both have polar ice caps that are permanent (unless global warming continues).

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The projects that scientists work on in Antarctica include studies of the species living in the region, global warming, meteorites, glaciology, UV radiation, volcanoes, astronomy, and climatology.

How global warming can be controlled?

Although the Arctic Ocean is covered by an ice cap, the ice cap is decreasing in size due to global warming and pollution. If it continues to melt it is possible that eventually there will be no more ice in the Arctic Ocean. This may happen by the year 2040.

Contrary to popular belief, global warming did not cause El Nino. It is a natural climate change that occurs as semi-regular intervals.

Global warming and climate change are making it easier for tree-damaging insects to survive in the boreal forest. Climate change and warming of the earth are also resulting in reduced tree growth in the boreal forest.

Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius was the first to claim that fossil fuel combustion may eventually result in enhanced global warming... in 1896!

Only half of Americans believe global warming is caused by human actions.

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global warming fact infographic about Believe in Global Warming vs. US 2016 Election Results by Co

Believe in Global Warming vs. US 2016 Election Results by County

global warming fact infographic about Climate Change and Global Warming in Scientific Articles

Climate Change and Global Warming in Scientific Articles

When do greenhouse gases cause global warming?

The Arctic ice is protective for the planet as it reflects some of the harsh sun's rays back into space, which in turn helps to regulate the temperature of the earth. Global warming and melting of the ice cap threatens the earth because of this.

There are five main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere: carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, ozone, and nitrous oxide.

Deforestation is also a big contributor of global warming.

An increase in global warming has a direct effect on climate. This includes having much warmer summers and rainier winters.

Many animals are unique to living in the tundra biome and if global warming continues to be a problem, these animals might become endangered or extinct.

How global warming effects plants?

Global warming can cause hot temperatures where it used to be cold and cold temperatures where it used to be warm. This disrupts the life cycle in many regions and could result in increased water levels and flooding around the world due to melting ice caps. Only 1 yard rise in sea level would result in more than 100 million people losing their homes and communities.

Over 95% of climate scientists agree that global warming is caused by man.

Scientists believe that if they can cause global warming on Mars they can make it a liveable planet.

Meteorologists do a lot of research about the earth's weather, including research into global warming, and how the weather is being affected by pollution.

Despite Global Warming, we're still technically in an Ice Age

Although global warming is contributing to the Aral Sea's demise, the major cause is the lack of water inflowing due to irrigation.

Because of its potential use for isolating carbon dioxide, scientists are investigating its use to store carbon dioxide that are responsible for global warming, though it may be too costly.

Because of melting ice caps due to global warming, ships have recently been able to travel parts of the Artic that were never travelable before.

While drought is often the result of weather patterns, human activity can be a cause of drought. Deforestation, farming, excessive irrigation, erosion, and climate change due to global warming are all human causes of drought.

It would take only 4 (large) asteroids to trigger run-away global warming on mars, so you wouldn't need a space suit.

An increase in temperature and sea level causes algae to be stressed due to the decrease in sunlight.

Global warming has caused an increase in health risk and 30 new infectious diseases have been introduced in the last 20 years.

The first scientist to comment on fossil fuels and their potential to cause global warming was Svante Arrhenius in 1896.

The increase in global warming is a huge factor that decreases biodiversity by destroying habitats of certain organisms.

There are an estimated 236,000 acres of old growth forest in North Cascades National Park. The biodiversity of the park, much like other areas of the country, is threatened by global warming.

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