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The Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) still sells so well in Brazil that a company is making new consoles for the market.

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Sega was working with AT&T to release a modem for the Mega Drive allowing online multiplayer and voice chat

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  1. JVC teamed up with Sega to make the Wondermega and X'Eye, a combined Mega Drive and Mega CD/Sega CD.

  2. The Sega Mega Jet, a version of the Sega Mega Drive videogame console specifically made for use during Japan Airlines flights

  3. In the US the final wide release games for Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo were both "Frogger".

  4. In 1998 a company named Mahesco has released a third version of Sega Genesis (Mega Drive). It was often called "the hockey puck" due to its rather squat appearance and limited capabilities (as compared to earlier models).

  5. the SEGA Genesis game system (North America) is known as SEGA Mega Drive everywhere else in the world.

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What games are on the mega drive mini?

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