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There's an unreleased GameBoy Color game titled "DynaMike" that accidentally contains the programmers porn history

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In 1999, certain Tommy Hilfiger stores sold a limited/special edition Gameboy Color. It was a yellow GBC with the Hilfiger name and logo, and cost $57.50 with a purchase of at least $50 worth of TH clothes.

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  1. About the WideBoy 64, an adapter for the Gameboy/Gameboy color that allowed people to play Gameboy games on their TV screen. However, it was never released to the public, and was only available to press/developers.

  2. The Gameboy Color has an entire internal database to enhance older gameboy games with custom palettes.

  3. Pokemon Gold and Silver are NOT Gameboy Color games... they're just plain old original Gameboy games.

  4. A series of adaptors known as Wide-Boy64 were developed by Intelligent Systems to play Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games on the N64, but were never released to the public.

  5. The GBC game Dragon Quest Monsters was released in Japan almost a month before the Gameboy Color itself.

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