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Despite being a massive success in Japan, Dragon Quest I sold so poorly in America, it was given away free with subscriptions of Nintendo Power. The promotion was so successful, Nintendo employees who sent out the game received a shirt saying, "I survived the 1990 Dragon Warrior mailing."

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The heavily anticipated release of Dragon Quest III for the Famicom in Japan caused over 300 truancy arrests on launch day

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  1. The game Chrono Trigger was conceived by the creator of Final Fantasy, as well as the creator of Dragon Quest and creator of Dragon Ball.

  2. It is against the law to release a Dragon Quest game on the weekdays in Japan because the game is popular there that many people decide to ditch work and school in order to play it

  3. About the "Dragon Quest Law" urban legend in Japan, which forbade the release of Dragon Quest games on weekdays because too many people would skip school and work to play them.

  4. In the 1990's Nintendo Power magazine gave away copies of Dragon Quest to every new subscriber due to poor sales. Dragon Quest went on to become such a phenomenon in Japan, release dates were moved to Saturdays due to the nation wide drop in productivity on release days.

  5. Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball creator), Yuji Horii and Koichi Sugiyama were all three so famous that their names were used to market the first Dragon Quest game in 1986. They were credited as filmmakers would be.

  6. The GBC game Dragon Quest Monsters was released in Japan almost a month before the Gameboy Color itself.

  7. Richard Hernandez (aka Eva Tiamet), a transgender woman who has undergone extensive body modifications including having her ears and nose removed, a full face tattoo, a forked tongue and eye coloration in her quest to become a dragon.

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