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There is a remake of Super Mario Bros on the Famicom Disk System released exclusively in Japan called "All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros." Essentially, the game is exactly the same, except the sprites of the Toads and various enemies are replaced with Japanese celebrities.

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If you speed up the GameCube's menu music x16 you'll hear the Famicom's Disk System start-up tune.

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  1. After deeming Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels too hard for western audiences, Nintendo repackaged their Famicom Disk System game Doki Doki Panic into what we all know as Super Mario Bros. 2 on NES

  2. The battle theme for Zelda II was different on the Famicom Disk System than the cartridge version(both Famicom and NES). The song was later used as the mini-boss music from the Minish Cap. (x-post r/gamemusic)

  3. The music that plays on the Gamecube's startup screen is the startup music from the Famicom Disk System played at 1/16 of its original speed.

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