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Consuming grapefruit whilst taking certain medications can lead to potentially serious health outcomes due to furanocoumarins, an organic compound found in grapefruit.

how to measure mental health outcomes?

Fitness trackers do not, on average, improve health outcomes compared to those without them

What is health economics and outcomes research?

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fiber found in fruit is associated with what health outcomes?

  1. ACE (Adverse Childhoods Events) score is predictive of adult health outcomes.

  2. Hispanic paradox: Hispanic and Latino Americans tend to have health outcomes that paradoxically are comparable to, or in some cases better than, those of their U.S. non-Hispanic White counterparts, even though Hispanics have lower average income and education

  3. Islam allows abortion during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, or if the baby was an outcome of rape or incest, or if the baby was a risk to the mother's health.

  4. American's are annually spending more and more time in traffic and this increase had been linked to worsened health outcomes over the course of a humans lifetime (including increased risk of heart attack)

  5. A 2014 study found The United States healthcare system is the most expensive in the world, but when it comes to health outcomes, it performs worse than 11 other similar industrialized nations

  6. Weight discrimination increases the risk of obesity and poorer mental health outcomes

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