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A study found that German raised children of white and black American soldiers had nearly identical IQ's. Many have interpreted this to mean racial IQ differences found in other studies are due to cultural and environmental factors.

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Female kangaroos can determine the sex of their offspring. They can even delay gestation when environmental factors are likely to diminish the chance of young surviving.

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  1. After Europeans settled in Australia in 1788, they tried to brew many popular English-style ales, but environmental factors and its remote location proved too difficult. Eventually, brewers created a lighter lager and the only native beer style to the country, the Australian Sparkling Ale.

  2. Identical twins don't have identical fingerprints, because fingerprints are influenced by environmental factors while in the uterus

  3. According to a study by Institute of Social Medicine and Epidemiology, Medical University Graz, vegetarians suffer significantly more often from anxiety disorder and/or depression, have a poorer quality of life in terms of physical health, social relationships, and environmental factors.

  4. Haeckle believed that racial characteristics were acquired through environmental factors, a theory flatly denied by scientists today.

  5. Risk factors for acquiring HPIV infection include those who are malnourished, have a vitamin A deficiency, environmental pollution, overcrowding, and not being breastfed.

  6. 20-40% of your height is determined by environmental factors, mainly nutrition.

  7. For every 100 pounds a person weighs they should consume 50 ounces a day at a minimum to replace what is lost on a "normal" day. This increases with exercise and changing environmental factors, as well as when a person is sick.

  8. Only 10-30% of cancers are down to the way the body naturally functions or "luck", but is overwhelmingly a result of environmental factors.

  9. Leukemia is believed to be the result of DNA mutations that occur, but the cause is not yet fully understood. Risk factors are believed to contribute to the disease which can include environmental or genetic factors.

  10. Without environmental factors which keep reproduction of some species of zooplankton (such as Filinia) under control, entire world would be covered with 3-feet-thick layer of zooplankton in 130 days.

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In a study of nuns (so that living conditions, histories and environmental factors were “controlled” by their life choice), it was found that those who had demonstrated high optimism in early autobiographies lived on average 10 years longer than the more pessimistic ones.

Cancer is Mainly (Upwards of 90-95%) Caused By Lifestyle and Environmental Factors as Opposed to a Genetic Predisposition; Making Most Cases Preventable - source

About the word "Terroir", which refers to the set of all environmental factors that affect a crop's phenotype - source

Environmental factors such as diet, lifelong smoking or stress can be passed down to the offspring's genes in humans. For example, research shows that descendants of Holocaust survivors have increased vulnerability to stress as a result of their predecessors' trauma.

In 2008 U.S. researchers watched nearly 9,000 people in public, studying how often & why people litter. Only 4% littered: but while 15% of littering was explained by environmental factors (eg # of nearby trashcans, area cleanliness), 85% was due to personal characteristics (attitudes, age, etc). - source

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Bacteria have what scientists call an SOS response system whenever their DNA is damaged by antibiotics or environmental factors. The SOS response system induces DNA repair, and the errors in the repair system is what leads to mutations.

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Type 2 diabetes is more hereditary than type 1: "Type 2 diabetes has a stronger link to family history and lineage than type 1, although it too depends on environmental factors." In twin studies 50% share type 1, but 75% share type 2.

In 1973, Dodoma was designated as the new political capital of Tanzania. New Parliament buildings were erected and plans were drafted to shift all government offices there by the early 1980's. However, due to limited water supplies and other environmental factors, this proved impossible

Homosexually is not clearly explained by Darwinian evolution, however Richard Dawkins hypothesises that Homosexuality is inheritable and developed through environmental and technological factors throughout life.

People with a higher level of education have a lower chance of developing cataracts, even while accounting for environmental factors.

A cross-species analysis of obesity in 2010 surprisingly found all animals are getting fatter, suggesting environmental factors or pathogens may partially be to blame for the human obesity epidemic, not just lifestyle habits.

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On average, the human body loses ∼3% of its vitamin C content per day, which shortens the disease-free and survival time in individuals on a diet low in vitamin C. Vitamin C status is determined not only by the dietary vitamin C content, but also by environmental and lifestyle factors.

The French revolution was caused by social and economic inequality, economic mismanagement, environmental factors, unmanageable national debt, and political mismanagement.

The indoor air, in which we spend 90% of our time, is more polluted than the outside air and the WHO agrees that 80% of all cancers are attributed to the environmental factors rather than genetic factor.

Dodoma became Tanzania's capital in 1973. New Parliament buildings were erected and plans were drafted to shift all government offices there by the early 1980's. However, the plan was forgotten due to limited supplies and environmental factors

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