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In football/soccer, kicking the ball at the goalkeeper during a penalty shot has an 87% success rate, but most won't take the shot for fear of looking like an idiot in the event that it's caught.

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Goal keepers often fall for the gambler's fallacy during penalty kicks.

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  1. There is a 42 year old goalkeeper in Brazil that has scored 126 goals. Since 1997 he has been São Paulo FC's official kicker of penalties and free kicks.

  2. There was a Goal Keeper who once scored a hat-trick. José Luis Chilavert converted three Penalty Kicks to help his team win 6-1

  3. The world record for goals scored by a goalkeeper in soccer is held by Rogério Ceni of São Paulo in Brazil. Over the course of 25 years, he scored 131 goals. This makes him the top goalscorer in club history. He scored 61 goals from free kicks and 69 goals from the penalty spot.

  4. A study of 5,000 English Premier League football (soccer) games suggested that for every additional 10,000 people attending the match, home team advantage increased by 0.1 goals; also, inexperienced referees in particular were more likely to award more penalty kicks to the home team.

  5. The goalkeeper with the most goals scored is Rogerio Ceni. He has scored 129 goals in his career, all on penalty kicks or free kicks.

  6. In 1992 Gary Lineker missed a panenka penalty kick to equal Bobby Charlton's all time English goalscoring record, he never scored for England again.

  7. If a 12th man intervene in a football match can lead to penalty kick

  8. The penalty kick in football was invented by a Northern Irish man.

  9. The Panenka is a technique used in penalty kick-taking in football, where the penalty taker skilfully chips the ball into the middle of the net, named after the player who first used it, Czech player Antonin Panenka.

  10. Liverpool FC's last european final kicked off at 21:45 and, given that it went to extra time and penalties, meant that goals were scored on two separate days in one match

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