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During World War 1, Alvin York pretty much single handedly attacked a German machine gun nest, killing 20 and captured 132 solders. His actions made him one of the most decorated solders in the US Army, earning medals not only from the US, but also France, Italy, and Montenegro.

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Alvin York, an American Soldier who during WWI, almost single handedly made 132 German Soldiers surrender.

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  1. During WWI, Sgt. Alvin Cullum York led a seven-man assault on a German machine gun nest in France and captured 32 machine guns, 132 German soldiers and killing at least 20 others.

  2. Alvin York went from backwoods conscientious objector to a WW1 medal of honor recipient after capturing 132 German soldiers, 32 machine guns and killing 20 more Germans in one battle. Then he shyed away from the limelight when he returned home.

  3. About Alvin York, a WW1 hero who took out 35 German machine gun nests in a single engagement. At one point he was charged by 6 germans and killed all six with his 7 round pistol without reloading.

  4. Cpl. Alvin York of the 82nd Division who saved his remaining seven squadmates by single-handedly capturing a German machine gun nest during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, taking 132 prisoners in the process.

  5. Sergeant Alvin C. York, of the United States Army, charged a machine gun nest with seven men, and captured 4 officers, 128 men, and multiple guns during WWI.

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