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The deadliest sniper from WW2 with 542 confirmed kills didn't use a telescopic sight

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The deadliest sniper in history was a small farmer from Finland named Simo Häyhä, who got over 500 kills in just over 100 days, used no scope, and survived getting shot in the face with an exploding round.

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  1. A Finnish marksman has a total of 700 confirmed kills in a 100 day period during World War II, making him the deadliest sniper in warfare history.

  2. The deadliest sniper on record is a Finn who killed over 500 Soviet invaders in just over 100 days during WWII.

  3. The deadliest sniper in WWI was a Canadian with 378 confirmed kills

  4. The Deadliest US Sniper Had $20,000 on His Head by Iraqi Insurgents ..

  5. About Simo Häyhä, the worlds deadliest sniper with over 500 kills

  6. About Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a Soviet sniper during WWII. She is considered one of the deadliest snipers of all time with 309 Nazi kills. She was nicknamed "Lady Death."

  7. Simo Häyhä is the world's deadliest sniper with at least 505 confirmed kills to his name. Incredibly, all his kills were made without a scope and in 100 days during the 1939 Winter War with the Soviet Union.

  8. With 505 confirmed kills, Simo Häyhä is the deadliest sniper in history.

  9. The deadliest snipers during WWII were from the Soviet Union

  10. There is an unnamed British Royal Marine, that as of 2015 is world's the deadliest sniper with 173 confirmed kills.

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About Simo Häyhä, the single deadliest sniper in history.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko, the deadliest female sniper in history, with 309 confirmed kills during the few years of World War II. - source

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