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Carlos Hathcock, an American sniper during the Vietnam war crawled over 1,500 yards to shoot PAVN General. It took him 4 days and 3 nights inch by inch. He fired a single shot killing the General and crawled back undetected.

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Sniper Carlos Hathcock crawled 1,500 yards inch by inch in order not to get detected to kill a high ranking officer, it took him 3 days and 4 nights. He also was the man who shot another sniper through the scope and killed him.

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  1. Carlos Hathcock crawled over 1500 yards in enemy territory over three days to shoot a general in the heart. On a separate mission he shot an enemy sniper through their scope.

  2. In the Vietnam war a sniper by the name of Carlos N. Hathcock II crawled 1500 yards over 4 days with no sleep or food to shoot a general.

  3. Carlos Hathcock, an American sniper with the only confirmed kill of shooting an enemy sniper through his own rifle scope, hitting him in the eye and killing him.

  4. Sniper Carlos Hathcock Once crawled through enemy lines, got his kill, and crawled back to safety. He also shot an enemy sniper through the enemy’s own scope.

  5. Before 2002 the record for longest confirmed kill was held by Carlos Hathcock, who, rather than using a conventional sniper rifle, used a .50 cal M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun.

  6. Carlos Hathcock, an American sniper, had 300+ kills in Vietnam. Because snipers often did not have an acting third party present and that most targets were behind enemy lines, confirmation was difficult.

  7. In the Vietnam War Carlos Hathcock shot another sniper through their scope, crawled three days in the jungle to kill an enemy general, and hunted down "Apache," an enemy sniper known for capturing and skinning American soldiers alive. Hathcock ended the war with 93 confirmed kills.

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GySgt Carlos Hathcock firing a .50-caliber machine gun on a tripod fired at a Vietcong soldier pushing a weapon-laden bicycle at 2,500 yards. Hathcock’s first round disabled the bicycle, the second struck the enemy soldier in the chest. - source

If using the same standards that Chris Kyle (i.e. self verified kills), Carlos Hathcock has over 300 kills. 45 more than Kyle. - source

Carlos Hathcock, the Most Famous Sniper in US Military History failed to replicate what the Warren Commission concluded Lee Harvey Oswald did when Assassinating JFK.

About Carlos Hathcock, a legendary sniper who operated behind enemy lines in Vietnam. One of his most famous kills was a sadistic female soldier who tortured captured Americans for sport. - source

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