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Shooting free throws in basketball underhanded, or "granny style," is statistically more effective, but players don't do it because it doesn't look cool.

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Yao Ming, famous for being one of the tallest player in the NBA, was born after the Chinese government "encouraged" the marriage of his parents; the country's tallest man and tallest female basketball player.

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  1. When Chinese warlord Zhang Zongchang saw his first basketball game, he asked, “Why the hell are they fighting over a single ball? We’re the hosts. Are we seriously this poor?” He ordered every player be given a basketball.

  2. The Chinese government "encouraged" the country's tallest female basketball player to marry the country's tallest man. Their child was Yao Ming.

  3. In the 2000 Paralympics, 10 out of 12 players in Spain's ID Basketball team were non-disabled, who pretended to have intellectual disabilities. The scandal was exposed after the Paralympics, when one of the players was revealed to be an investigative journalist.

  4. When professional basketball player Kris Humphries was 10 years old, he was ranked the No. 1 swimmer for his age nationally. The person ranked No. 2 was a young Michael Phelps.

  5. Latrell Sprewell, a basketball player whose career ended when he refused a $21-million 3-year contract, implying that he felt it wasn’t enough money to feed his children. He was never offered another contract by an NBA team, and has since experienced financial troubles.

  6. About the 'Hooper's Pass;' an unwritten gang member code that protected and avoided targeting excellent local HS basketball players

  7. The Spanish Paralympic Basketball Team was forced to return their Gold medals won in the 2000 Australian Olympics after almost all players were found to be NOT disabled.

  8. Standing at 7"6', 15-year-old teen basketball giant Robert Bobroczky is already taller than any current NBA player.

  9. NBA player Rick Barry led the league seven times in free throw percentage by shooting the ball underhanded. His free throw percentage was 89.99 at the time of his retirement. Despite the effectiveness of his technique, almost no other basketball player has followed it.

  10. The original rules for basketball did not include dribbling; the ball could only be advanced by passing. Players eventually learned to "pass to themselves." This was accepted as legal and eventually developed into dribbling.

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basketball player fact data chart about The US National Basketball Team is more likely to win gold m
The US National Basketball Team is more likely to win gold medals with players from California, graduated in Kansas; and to lose, with players from New York, graduated in North Car

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The Chinese government encouraged two basketball players (a 7ft man and 6'3" woman) to marry and produce a child who would become a dominant athlete, that child was Yao Ming

The Chinese government "encouraged" the country's tallest female basketball player to marry the country's tallest man. Their child was Yao Ming. - source

Only 0.03% of high school basketball players make it to the NBA, and only 0.003% play at that level for longer than 4 years. - source

Basketball player Austin Hatch survived two plane crashes, one in 2003 that killed his mother, brother and sister, and one in 2011 that killed his father and stepmother.

NBA star Bill Laimbeer came from a very wealthy family. Before he got a raise, the basketball player clamed "I'm the only player in the NBA who makes less money than his father". - source

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Professional basketball player Latrell Sprewell rejected a three year, 21 million dollar contract, for the reason that it wouldn't be enough to feed his children.

How basketball players are tall?

In 1993 Nike released a commercial featuring NBA star Charles Barkley, who's message was basically that parents should be role models to their children, not basketball players.

When identical twin, basketball players Brook and Robin Lopez were both playing for NY-based teams, they considered living together. They then decided against it because their cats didn't get along.

Basketball Player Tim Duncan was almost an Olympic level swimmer but had to quit due to Hurricane Hugo destroying his practice pool forcing him to practice in the Ocean, he quit soon after due to his fear of sharks

Legendary basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an avid Holmesian and authored his own stories based on Mycroft Holmes in prose and comic mediums

The Harlem Globetrotters were originally a serious basketball team and shocked the nation in 1948 when the all-black Globetrotters beat the all-white Minneapolis Lakers on a dramatic buzzer beater. Ex-Globetrotters soon become the first black players to be signed in the newly formed NBA.

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The meaning behind the Portland Trailblazers' logo. It is a modern graphic interpretation of the game of basketball, five players from one side playing against five players from another.

A Brazilian Basketball Player Named "Guy Fuck" Was Not Given Permission To Use His Real Last Name While Playing in College

In a typical ice-rink-to basketball-court stadium conversion, the ice is not removed. It is simply covered with an insulating surface, and the wooden panels are placed over it. The basketball players stand 2-3 inches above the ice.

During 1988, The Washington Bullets had on their team both the tallest and the shortest ever basketball players, at 7'7" and 5'3" respectively.

That, during the 2000 Paralympic Games, the basketball team from Spain which competed in the sport for intellectually disabled, cheated by including 10 (out of 12) players who weren't actually intellectually disabled.

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Basketball players used to be able to dunk free throws as long as they didn't step over the FT line. The NBA & NCAA changed the rule because Wilt Chamberlain was so good at it.

Nike's basketball sneakers called the Blazer were named for the team of one its players Geoff Petrie. Geoff was one of the very first NBA players to wear the Nike brand of shoes on the court.

Late Sudanese Basketball Player Manute Bol died nearly penniless. He donated most of his money to Sudan and was regarded as royalty during his life.

During the 2000 Paralympics, 10 out of the 12 Spanish basketball players faked having a disability and ended up winning Gold

Basketball player Royce White wouldn't fly with his teammates, but rather take a private bus due to his anxiety attacks, he said that flying intensified his anxiety to a crippling level. This ultimately cut his NBA career short and he now plays in the BIG3 League founded by Ice Cube.

At the end of the speech King gave the typewritten copy to George Raveling, a basketball player and volunteer for the event. He was offered $3 million for it but wouldn"t sell it.

Wataru Misaka, a Japanese-American drafted into the New York Knicks in 1947. He was the first non-Caucasian professional basketball player, and the first African-American player didn’t play in the NBA until three years later.

NCAA basketball players cannot wear the numbers 6, 7, 8 or 9. This is to help simplify the hand signals done by the referees when reporting a foul. This also applies to high school basketball and is rarely noticed by fans.

Spain's Paralympic basketball team were forced to return their gold medals from the 2000 Sydney Games after their players were found to have no disabilities.

An entire basketball team was killed in a plane crash, except for one player who was not on the flight. He was killed two weeks later by a drunk driver.

In 1991 NBA basketball player, Metta World Peace AKA Ron Artest, witnessed the murder of a fellow basketball player when, during an altercation, someone threw a broken-off table leg at the player and it went straight through his heart.

In 2006 Michael's marriage ended in divorce. They had three children together, one of which who also wanted to become a professional basketball player and made the University of Illinois" team.

In one game it is common for a player to run approximately 6 miles. This would be equal to running back and forth on a basketball court 350 times.

The most points any player has ever scored in one game is 100. Wilt Chamberlain, who played for Philadelphia, scored 100 points against New York in 1962.

Kobe Bryant's father was also a professional basketball player, named Joe "Jelly Bean" Bryant. This was the inspiration for Kobe's middle name.

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