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The voice of Patrick Star, Bill Fagerbakke, of Spongebob fame is a 6' 6" three-sport athlete from high school, a star defensive lineman from college, and was acclaimed by the Juilliard School of Performing Arts as an excellent Shakespearean actor.

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One of the defensive lineman for Eastern Michigan is named Lion King.

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  1. Members of the Atlanta Falcons" Ring of Honor include quarterback Steve Bartkowski, cornerback and return man Deion Sanders, running back and tight end William Andrews, center Jeff Van Note, linebacker Jessie Tuggle, middle linebacker Tommy Nobis, offensive line Mike Kenn, defensive lineman Claude Humphrey, and running back Gerald Riggs.

  2. The Redskins wanted Andre the Giant to tryout for a defensive lineman position

  3. Eastern Michigan Football signed a defensive lineman legally named Lion King

  4. The Bonnie Raitt song "I Can't Make You Love Me" was written by an All-Pro defensive lineman for the Cincinnati Bengals: Mike Reid.

  5. Suge Knight was a defensive lineman on the Los Angeles Rams and had zero career stats.

  6. There is a defensive lineman who plays for Arkansas State named Dee Liner.

  7. There is a defensive lineman for Alabama named Dee Liner.

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