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In 2007, Siberia experienced orange snow. This orange snow was ruled to most likely caused by a heavy sandstorm in neighboring Kazakhstan. Tests on the snow revealed numerous sand and clay dust particles and a high iron-content, which were blown into Russia in the upper stratosphere.

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Around 60 BC, in his scientific poem ‘On the Nature of Things’, the Roman Lucretius described the Brownian motion of dust particles. Lucretius considered this motion as an inevitable proof of the existence of atoms.

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  1. The surface contains water ice, carbon dioxide ice, rock particles and silicate dust, and hydrocarbon compounds. It has an interior ocean likely made of water mixed with ammonia or salts.

  2. Shooting stars are actually shining dust particles left behind by comets in the atmosphere.

  3. The size of pumice can range from tiny dust particles to pumice pieces the size of a house. Many cubic kilometers of pumice can be ejected during large volcanic eruptions.

  4. Every single raindrop or snowflake contains a little particle of dust

  5. Dust devil winds carry the small, negatively charged particles high into the air, while the heavier, positively charged particles remain near the base of the dust devil." "Since the electrified particles are in motion . . . the dust devil generates a magnetic field also."

  6. Pencils cannot be used in space because the graphite dust and particles they generate pose fire, puncture and inhalation hazards in a low-gravity, high-oxygen environment.

  7. Most of the dust particles in the earth's atmosphere are found in the troposphere.

  8. Tens of thousands of stone cutters and miners still die each year from dust inhalation; with some even going as far as to attempt filtering harmful particles by growing what the industry calls a "miner's mustache."

  9. Besides skin flakes and plant pollen, a component of household dust is burnt meteorite particles

  10. Rain is dirty. Apparently winds carry dust particles into the atmosphere where they get covered with water vapor and fall to the ground as raindrops when storm clouds form.

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Why dust particles are removed from a carpet by beating with a stick?

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Due to photo electric effect, dust particles on the moon lose electrons and become positively charged. Due to the repulsion of like charges, these particles rise above the surface of the moon.

Due to the sun's energy,surface particles on the moon are electrically levitated, creating a "dust atmosphere" that extends kilometres high. - source

Tuff may contain different sizes of particles, from dust-sized to boulder-sized particles and be composed of many different types of materials.

Astronauts have a layer of Thermal Micrometeoroid Garment in their suits which protects from depressurization caused by particles of space dust penetrating the suit, which usually travel at 10 km/s (22,500 MPH).

We have just 7 particles of dust from outside the solar system - source

When water vapour condenses on dust particles what is formed?

Eyelashes are a type of hair that protects the eyes from dust and other particles that could damage them.

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You are more likely to sneeze when your are sleeping, but because of the lack of air to stir up dust and other particles your mucus membranes don't react as much as when you are awake.

The sky is blue because the dust particles in the upper atmosphere are smaller than 1/10th of a micron.

Chinchillas (a rodent pet) clean themselves by rolling around in fine dust particles

There is evidence the Earth's Moon has what could be considered an atmosphere, complete with "Moon Storms" of dust caused by electrostatically charged dust particles.

A Roman philosopher Lucretius in his scientific poem "On the Nature of Things" (c. 60 BC) used the motion of dust particles as seen in a beam of sunlight in a dark room to prove the existence of atoms

Where do dust particles go when it rains?

Household dusts are not dirt particles. They are your own body cells that died off and left your body!

Words that can mean their own opposite are called contranyms. E.g., dusting can mean to add fine particles to a surface or to remove them.

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