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We are still making scientific discoveries about water because it is so bizarre. Water ice has 15 different phases, and there is now a strange, "quasicrystal" form when the ice is only 2 molecule layers thick.

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We were not the 'fastest sperm', but rather the lucky ones that reached the egg after many others have broken down the thick layers of cells protecting it.

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  1. Artic Explorer Peter Freuchen was caught in a terrible blizzard and buried under a thick layer of snow and ice. When he couldn't claw his way out, Freuchen whittled his own frozen feces into a knife and used it to chisel his way through.

  2. Boudica destroyed so much of ancient London, that dozens of feet below current street level, lies a thick red, burnt strip archaeologists call the "Boudica Destruction Layer"

  3. If Earth's entire atmosphere froze solid and fell to earth, it would form a snowy layer of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon 330 feet (100 m) thick.

  4. Snow and ice are only slippery because of a 4 molecule thick layer of water that is always present at the surface down to as cold as -30C; below -30C it becomes a true solid and skating and skiing are extremely difficult

  5. Because Amsterdam’s soil consists of a thick layer of fen and clay, all buildings are built on wooden poles that are fixed in a sandy layer that is 11 meters deep on average. The Royal Palace at Dam Square is built on no less than 13,659 wooden poles.

  6. Our palms and soles of feet cannot tan like the rest of our bodies regardless of how much sun they are exposed to. This due to a thick layer of dead skin that prevents UV rays from being exposed to the living cells

  7. There is enough gold in the core of Earth to cover the entire surface of the Earth in a 4 meter thick layer.

  8. The most well preserved mummy (The Lady Dai) was wrapped in 20 layers of silk, 4 coffins each sealed with raw lacquer, encased in a huge burial chamber surrounded by 5 tonnes of charcoal, and a thick layer of clay... in a inverted pyramid 12 meters deep.

  9. The way white asparagus is grown is that it's covered in a thick layer of mulch and dark plastic so that no sunlight reaches the spears.This way the vegetable never gets a chance to turn green because no photosynthesis takes place.

  10. Grey seal has two layers of dense fur and thick layer of blubber which keep body temperature stable in the cold waters.

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Why do penguins have a thick layer of blubber?

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Penguin's feather is dense and lubricated with oil. Besides feather, thick layer of skin and blubber provides protection from the low temperature.

Leopard seal has silver grey or dark grey (nearly black) skin on the back and whitish silver skin on the front side of the body. Black spots on the body of leopard seal resemble the spots on a leopard's body, hence the name. Thick layer of blubber under the skin prevents freezing in the cold water.

There is a four mile thick sediment layer at the bottom of Lake Baikal which supports a variety of unique and strange life forms.

Babies are born covered with grey dense coat and with thick layer of blubber. These features are essential for the survival on the freezing Arctic temperature.

There are also Colorado River Flood Basalts, which are an extensive sequence of layers of lava flow reaching a thickness of up to 6,000 feet.

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Cork (thick outer layer of a tree) when harvested from the cork oak tree properly, doesn't kill the tree.

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The outer layer of your skin (epidermis) is formed of mainly dead cells on the surface, and it can range from about 0.1mm (the size of a human hair) in thickness to 1.5mm thick.

Muskrats are covered with thick brown fur that consists of two layers. Outer layer is waterproof.

Foxglove has oval or lanceolate leaves. They are thick, green and wooly thanks to dense layer of hairs on the bottom side of leaves. Leaves are spirally arranged at the base of the plant.

Walruses have grey to brown skin and 6 inches thick layer of blubber, which ensures thermal insulation. They have broad head and small eyes. Both males and females have tusks.

Clownfish is immune to the venom of anemone because it has thick layer of mucus on the surface of the body.

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There is so much salt in the ocean, if the salt in the ocean could be removed and spread evenly over the Earth’s land surface it would form a layer more than 500 feet thick (166 meters), about the height of a 40-story office building.

Cedar leaves are covered with thick layer of white wax which prevents loss of water. Color of the leaves depends on the thickness of the wax.

Bottlenose dolphin has short, stubby beak, curved mouth, sleek, conically-shaped body, curved dorsal fin, powerful tail and pointed flippers. It has 18 to 28 pairs of sharp teeth in the mouth and single blowhole on top of the head. Thick layer of blubber under the skin keeps the body temperature stable in the cold water.

Callisto is 628,300,000 kilometers from Earth, however it appears much brighter in the sky than our Moon when viewed through a telescope, even with our Moon having a distance of just 384,400 kilometers. This is due to the Sun's reflection off the surface of Callisto's thick layer of ice.

Steller's sea cow had thick, insulating layer of fat (of 4 to 9 inches) designed to keep the body temperature stable in the cold waters and to serve as a shield against Arctic ice and rocks.

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Shield volcanoes" low viscosity lava means that the lava is more liquid and flows more quickly than thick lava. Therefore it can spread further, building up thin layers that continue to accumulate and create the shield volcano's shape.

A sixth layer of the cornea, measuring 15 microns-thick was discovered in 2013 and was named after an Indian researcher who discovered it.

Woolly mammoth had long, shaggy, light to dark brown or black coat and thick layer of fat (of 4 inches) under the skin to prevent freezing in the extremely cold environment.

Tin foil has a shiny side and a matte side because 2 layers of tin foil are produced simultaneously since the machinery can't handle the thickness of 1 layer

Earth's original precious metals sunk into the core with iron, within which there are enough to cover the entire surface of the Earth with a four metre thick layer. What we find in the crust today was deposited during a catacylsmic meteor shower called the Terminal Bombardment

Although their skin is thick, it is soft and can suffer sunburn. Rhinos cover themselves with mud to create protective layer on the skin. Mud protects their skin from insects also.

Ceres is believed to have a rocky core, an icy inner mantle that is 100-kilometers-thick, possibly some subsurface liquid water and a dusty top layer. Scientists have calculated that this ice mantle may contain as much as 200 million cubic kilometers of water which is more fresh water than can be found on Earth.

Some snails hibernate during the winter. They cover themselves with thick layer of mucus which prevents loss of body water. Period of dormancy ends when weather conditions improve.

Without environmental factors which keep reproduction of some species of zooplankton (such as Filinia) under control, entire world would be covered with 3-feet-thick layer of zooplankton in 130 days.

Even though graphene is a layer with the thickness of just one atom, it is visible to the naked eye

Elephant seal has thick layer of blubber under the skin which keeps body temperature stable in the freezing waters.

Body of haddock is covered with scales and thick layer of mucus.

Fruit of aronia is small, berry-like pome with thick skin and waxy layer on the surface. Fruit ripens in August. Berries can be red, purple or black colored, depending on the variety.

Another adaptation to the life in freezing water is thick layer of blubber (3.9. to 5.9 inches) and thick skin. Their skin was used in the manufacture of first types of bulletproof vests.

The cerebral cortex (the top brain layer with the folds), where all our complex thinking, perceiving, producing and understanding language happens, is only 2 mm (0.08 inch) thick. It's 48x48 cm sheet of 2 mm thickness

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