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Half of the firefighters battling California wildfires are prisoners in California jails

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California fire departments use hundreds of goats to help clear acres of dry grass and other vegetation that would otherwise act as highly flammable fuel for California's notorious wildfires

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  1. Skin from the Tilapia fish is used to treat burn victims in Brazil. The treatment proved to be effective enough that veterinarians across California used The fish skin to treat the animals that were burned during the wildfires

  2. Power lines and electrical equipment are the major cause of most large California wildfires, not nature.

  3. In Feb. 2016 CA SB-1463 proposed laws to mitigate wildfire risks posed by overhead power lines. It passed House & Senate unanimously. Gov Brown vetoed it. California had the deadliest wildfires in history, caused by overhead power lines.

  4. Guy Fieri was feeding 5000 evacuees a day during a California wildfire.

  5. Asian species of cotoneaster introduced to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and California are classified as invasive. They easily occupy new areas, prevent growth of native plant species and facilitate spreading of wildfires.

  6. Napa valley in California started a project where 750 goats eat shrubs and dead grass on hills to stop wildfires

  7. The tail of storm Ernesto that hit Ireland carried smoke from the California wildfires and that smoke was visible on satellite imagery.

  8. California wildfires out-emitted all the cars in California in 2007 by a factor of 3 or 4 times.

  9. Chaparral shrublands, i.e. southern California, is naturally fire resistant and will only have natural wildfires every few decades. However, annual controlled burns kill off the natural fire resistant plants causing non-native invasive grass species to grow posing a much larger wildfire problem.

  10. There are 4,000 prisoners fighting wildfires in California for shorter sentences

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california wildfires fact data chart about Every Building in California Mapped According to its Wildfir
Every Building in California Mapped According to its Wildfire Risk

california wildfires fact data chart about Severity of California wildfires over time
Severity of California wildfires over time

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Many of the heroes battling the California wildfires are prisoners earning $1 an hour, and are not considered for firefighting jobs after they finish serving their sentence.

California’s Biggest Wildfire Was Caused By A Man Trying To Kill Wasps. Forensic investigators found that a rancher started the fire when hammering a metal stake in his backyard to snuff out a wasp nest. - source

Inmates make up half of California's wildfire fighting force. - source

Learn about the company at the heart of the California wildfire crisis. Where did they come from? Where will they be ??

During the California wildfires of 2017, power outages caused garage doors to become inoperable, causing residents to became trapped in their homes. In response, California passed a law requiring new garage door openers to have built-in battery backups. The law went into effect on July 1st. - source

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California’s BIGGEST wildfire was all started by a Rancher who was trying to get rid of a wasp nest

How did the california wildfires start?

Cal Fire estimates that electric power networks have caused about 10% of California's recent wildfires, including some of the most devastating." [United States of America]

In 2007 a wildfire overcame a family in California as well as several firefighters. Although one of the firefighters was critically burned, she worked through her injuries to treat a badly injured member of the family.

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california wildfires fact infographic about Wildfire Risk for Southern California - 2014 to 2016

Wildfire Risk for Southern California - 2014 to 2016

california wildfires fact infographic about The increasing number & size of California wildfires (1960-2

The increasing number & size of California wildfires (1960-2017)

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