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The average delay of a Japanese bullet train is just 54 seconds, despite factors such as natural disasters. If the train is more than five minutes late, passengers are issued with a certificate that they can show their boss to show that they are late.

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A Flood Destroyed The Home Of Hate Group Leader Who Claimed "God Sends Natural Disasters To Punish Gays"

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  1. In the 70s, the U.S government tried to create an artificial reef using concrete jacks and old tires. The reef ended up becoming an ecological disaster as it eroded, causing loose tires to be picked up by hurricanes and collide with natural reefs elsewhere.

  2. Malaria, which is caused by the parasitic protozoa plasmodium, is the deadliest disease of all time. No disease, including the plague or smallpox, has killed more people. It has also killed more people than all wars, famines, and natural disasters combined.

  3. Krishna's butterball. A giant 250 ton boulder situated in southern India, that's remained stationary on a slippery slope for at least 1300 years, defying an attempt move it using 7 elephants and even natural disasters like tsunami's and typhoons.

  4. After the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the yakuza sent hundreds of trucks filled with food, water, blankets, and sanitary accessories to aid the people in the affected areas of the natural disaster.

  5. There is a machine that transforms concrete rubble into Lego like building blocks. The blocks allow victims of war or natural disasters to construct their own new, earthquake resistant houses.

  6. Prince would play concerts as a "cover" in areas affected by natural disasters so that he could be in cities where he could offer help. Because of his faith as a Jehovah’s Witness he couldn’t, and wouldn’t, ever speak publicly about any of his charitable acts.

  7. That, when asked to investigate the space shuttle Challenger disaster, Richard Feynman wrote a very critical report about NASA's safety policy concluding: "For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled."

  8. Seven people across the world will hold a keycard which when put together will reboot the key part of the World Wide Web should a security breach, natural disaster or terrorist attack disable it.

  9. There have only been three individual natural disasters thought to have killed more than a million people. All three were different times that China's Yellow River has flooded.

  10. Cajun crayfish have invaded Africa. Not only do they have no natural predators there, but they eat so many native species that they are causing an ecological disaster.

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natural disaster fact data chart about The worst state to live in (based on natural disasters)
The worst state to live in (based on natural disasters)

natural disaster fact data chart about Global deaths from natural disasters between 1900-2018
Global deaths from natural disasters between 1900-2018

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The Mandate of Heaven, which legitimized the rule of Chinese Emperors, differed from the Divine Right of Kings in that natural disasters and revolts were seen as a sign from Heaven that the Emperor had lost the mandate and therefore deserved to be overthrown.

The 1556 Shaanxi earthquake is considered by scientists the greatest natural disaster in human history with 830,000 deaths. - source

In Svalbard, there is a vault containing over 800,000 seed samples to preserve the worlds food crops in case of human or natural disaster. - source

The first working seismograph was invented in 132 AD by Zhang Heng. Able to detect earthquakes from hundreds of miles away and give a rough direction, the mechanical 'earthquake weathervane' allowed the Han dynasty to rush aid to areas devastated by natural disaster.

If all the natural disasters and epidemics in Iceland since the 18th century hadn't happened, the population of Iceland is estimated to have been 3 times larger today than it currently is. - source

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There was a Tsunami in 2004 that killed 228,000 people. It's the 10th deadliest natural disaster in known record

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There is a rare type of natural disaster called a Limnic Eruption where large amounts of carbon dioxide are released that suffocates all nearby animals. The worst occurrence killed 1,700 people.

Founder or Little Caesars Pizza Mike Ilitch's first philanthropic efforts was the Little Caesars Love Kitchen, established in 1985. The traveling restaurant was formed to feed the hungry and assist with food provisions during natural disasters.

There is an informal "Waffle House Index" FEMA uses regarding the severity of natural disasters. If Waffle House is closed, FEMA gets to work.

The huge Lake Kivu is one of three lakes known to have limnic eruptions, natural disasters that create CO2 gas clouds that wipe out life in the area. It takes place every 1000 years or so and 2 million people now live in the vicinity.

The deadliest natural disaster in American history was the 1900 Galveston Hurricane. Historians estimate in between 6,000 to 12,000 fatalities from the hurricane and caused Galveston's fall from being a major city in the US.

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Global death toll of natural disasters

natural disaster fact infographic about Comparing countries with the most fatalities(for those with

Comparing countries with the most fatalities(for those with more than 1000) from natural disasters, up until 2017 cumulative

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The minarets (towers) surrounding the Taj Mahal lean slightly outwards in order to appear straight when viewed from the main gates, and in the event of an earthquake or other disaster will naturally fall away from the Taj itself

The deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history - the Galveston hurricane = took place in Texas in 1900. This hurricane resulted in approximately 8,000 deaths.

Norway has a global seed vault that was constructed in an abandoned Arctic coal mine to store and safeguard the world’s crops and plants from global natural or man-made disaster.

The Silk Road was not actually a road. It was a complex route that included land and sea routes that traders had to cross in order to do business in faraway places. The actual route often changed when weather, raids, natural disasters and bandits threatened the safety of those making the journey.

There's a team at Cambridge that's analysis of future risks around the world like natural disasters, pandemics, war, market crashes, nuclear accidents, armed conflict, etc. They've created a Risk Framework which includes interactive maps where you can take a look at their findings yourself.

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Skull of Brachiosaurus is loosely attached to the rest of the skeleton and it can be easily removed from the body after death either by predators or natural disasters. That's why skeleton of Brachiosaurus discovered in the 19th century, erroneously marked as Apatosaurus, was headless for nearly a century, before scientists finally managed to "find" a missing skull.

The "Jonestown Massacre" was the largest mass suicide in modern history and resulted in the largest single loss of American civilian life in a non-natural disaster until September 11, 2001.

1,700 people suffocated to death in 1986 from a Limnic Eruption - a natural disaster where a huge carbon dioxide cloud erupts from underneath a lake and fills the atmosphere.

An erupting volcano can cause other natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis to occur.

There is a "doomsday" seed vault with blast-proof doors deep inside a mountain in Norway containing the world's crop collections in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

On Nov 9th, 2012 Sesame Street did a special episode about a hurricane that ruined the street. This was in response to Hurricane Sandy and the devastation it caused - and about the emotional effects a natural disaster may have on children.

He bought eighty acres of land in central Wisconsin that had been destroyed by logging, overgrazing of cattle, and other man-made disasters, and chronicled his attempts to restore that land to a sense of nature in his book, A Sand County Almanac.

There are Exploding Lakes. A natural disaster where CO2 erupts from underneath a deep body of water and suffocates all the wildlife in its relative area. In 1986, Lake Nyos erupted this way killing 1700 people in Cameroon.

Lemon-scented gum has swollen root crown, called lignotuber. It ensures survival of the plant when upper part of the tree is irreparably damaged. In the case of fire or some other natural disaster, dormant buds hidden inside lignotuber will start to sprout and re-establish lemon-scented gum in the wild.

Germany has an enormous underground archive to save the nation's cultural heritage from natural or man-made disaster.

The deadliest natural disaster are the 1931 China floods. Caused by extreme cyclone activity and heavy snowstorms it is estimated to have killed as many as 4 million people. At its peak the Yangtze River was 16m above it's normal depth.

There is a five mile wide crater impact from a meteorite in Elmore County. It is the Wetumpka Crater site and considered to be "Alabama's greatest natural disaster, believed to have occurred approximately 80 million years ago.

The USA has more natural disasters than any other country in the world.

Cantor Fitzgerald, an American financial services firm with corporate offices on Floors 101-105 of the WTC North Tower, lost 658 employees (68% of its workforce) in the 9/11 attacks. The firm still exists today and has donated relief funds to victims of 9/11 and various natural disasters.

Sometimes bridges fail due to inadequate maintenance, poor design, structural failure due to unforeseen circumstances, or even earthquake or other natural disasters.

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