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In the 1930s, dust storms were so severe that the static electricity generated would arc from your body to the nearest metal object and knock you head-over-heels. Two men shaking hands could literally knock each other out.

Mongols were actually outnumbered in most of their victories in battles. But they still managed to deceive their enemies by elaborate ruses - like mounting dummies atop horses, and tying sticks to the horses' tails to create dust storms.

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  1. The storm that caused the Dust Bowl of the 1930s carried twice as much dirt as was dug out of the earth to create the Panama Canal. The canal took seven years to dig; the storm lasted a single afternoon

  2. In 1995, China set out to return a desert bigger than France back to a flourishing ecosystem after centuries of desertification to combat dust storms, flooding and boost local economy.

  3. While preparing a speech to create a permanent soil erosion service, Hugh H. Bennett was notified of a dust storm approaching Washington DC. He pushed back meeting with Congress until it was estimated to arrive to conclude with opening up the curtains to a dramatic view of a dust storm.

  4. The Beijing Weather Modification Office is tasked with creating rain to end drought, reduce dust storms and prevent unwanted rain, and that between 1995 and 2003, China added 7.4 trillion cubic feet of rainfall artificially.

  5. Storms from the Sahara Desert blow dust all the way to Florida, affecting Florida's climate and air quality

  6. A massive solar storm (Coronal Mass Ejection) has enough momentum to remove dust on the moon

  7. A monsoon storm can range from a violent thunderstorm to only small dust storms.

  8. Weather satellites can record a variety of weather and other phenomena including clouds, cloud systems, fire, pollution effects, dust storms, sand storms, snow, ice caps, ocean currents, volcanic ash in the air, smoke and much more.

  9. During a monsoon there are weather hazards that people should be aware of including downburst winds, lightning, dust storms, thunderstorms, wildfires, extreme heat and flash floods.

  10. In 1935 the US Government planted 220 million trees in 7 years to combat Dust storms. It was a huge success and if it was repeated today it would help in the fight against the climate crisis immensly.

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dust storm fact data chart about Subsiding global dust storm on Mars is evident in warming da
Subsiding global dust storm on Mars is evident in warming daytime, cooling nighttime temps

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2009 Australian dust storm - where the eastern part of Australia was coated in red dust. The phenomenon was compared to the surface of Mars, the Apocalypse, and Nuclear Winter. There were no fatalities or property damage reported.

The Dust Bowl got its name in 1935 when an Associated Press reporter witnessed a dust storm and came up with the name.

April 14th marks the anniversary of three tragic events: 1) the 1865 assassination of Abraham Lincoln; 2) the 1912 sinking of the Titanic; and 3) the Black Sunday dust storm of 1935 - source

Drivers had to drag chains behind their cars during the Dust Bowl because dust storms cause high static electricity and the chains would ground the cars. This helped to prevent severe electrical shocks to people when they touched other people or objects.

There were 38 dust storms in 1933 on the Great Plains.

Although Martian dust storms can kick up so much dust it can be seen from Earth, it's unlikely that it would be powerful enough to damage equipments and strand astronauts. Because the density of Mars' atmosphere is only 1 percent that of Earth, a 60 mph storm would feel like a 6 mph breeze. - source

The visible light images of weather satellites are easily interpreted. Even people with no training can identify clouds, fronts, tropical storms, dust, smog, forests and mountains.

The dust storms and severe drought in the 1930s made the Great Depression even worse as many farmers were forced to abandon their land.

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Rain is dirty. Apparently winds carry dust particles into the atmosphere where they get covered with water vapor and fall to the ground as raindrops when storm clouds form.

Zabol, Iran, whose air quality is 12x more polluted than the worst town in the US, mostly due to an annual 4-month long dust storm

The name of a type of intense dust storm carried on an atmospheric gravity current, also known as a weather front is called an Haboob

There's a giant spooky dust storm called a "Haboob" that can speed up to 62MPH and cover everything you love with mud.

A 2009 dust storm in Austraila over 300 miles by 600 miles in size turned the skies blood red. Airports were closed across several states and it eventually reached New Zealand.

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