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Brett Favre played for so long in the NFL that he began publicly talking about retiring in 2002, nine years before officially doing so in 2011. Favre, who entered the league in 1991, became the only active player with a grandchild in 2010.

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The final hit of Brett Favre's career was the only one that ever knocked him out cold. When the trainer came out on the field for him Favre was snoring, and he asked his trainer, "what are the Bears doing here?"

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  1. Brett Favre (Superbowl Champion QB of the Green Bay Packers) is now a high school football coach.

  2. Brett Favre's first pass completion in the NFL was to himself.

  3. Brett Favre is the only one of the three quarterbacks for the Super Bowl XXI Green Bay Packers to only win one Super Bowl. Each of his backups won one other.

  4. Brett Favre's first NFL completion was to himself for -7 yards

  5. Brett Favre almost killed John Madden by playing a practical joke on him before a 1998 playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, a game most 49ers fans remember for the "Catch II."

  6. Brett Favre once didn't remember the touchdown play. It was the Giants vs. Packers - October 3, 2004 when he sustained a concussion then came back in and threw a touchdown.

  7. NFL legendary quarterback Brett Favre suffered a near fatal car accident in college resulting in 30 inches of his small intestine being removed, then lead a come back victory over Alabama only six weeks later.

  8. Hall of Fame QB, Green Bay packer Brett Favre threw his first NFL completion to himself.

  9. Brett Favre's first NFL completion was to himself.

  10. Brett Favre went 0 for 4 with 2 interceptions in his time with the Atlanta Falcons.

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The first completed pass in Brett Favre's career was to himself for a loss of 7 yards. - source

Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe was the original pick for the part in "There's Something About Mary" that ultimately went to Brett Favre. Apparently Bledsoe bowed out after a stage-diving mishap at an Everclear concert. - source

Brett Favre was the third NFL QB contacted for a cameo in "There's Something About Mary." Drew Bledsoe and Steve Young both declined.

Brett Favre's first NFL pass was caught by Brett Favre - source

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Brett Favre's first pass completion was caught by Brett Favre

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Upon trading for Brett Favre, Packer's doctors recommended his physical be failed (nullifying the trade), but General Manager Ron Wolf overruled them

In his last season as a starting NFL quarterback, Brett Favre was a grandfather. The NFL stated at the time it did not know of any other active players with grandchildren.

NFL Legend Brett Favre is a descendant of Simon Favre, a prominent 18th and 19th century translator in Western Florida.

Sean Taylor picked off Brett Favre's 278th interception, which gave Favre the record for most picks thrown in NFL history.

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