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Actress Kate Mara is the great-granddaughter of both Tim Mara (founder of the NY Giants) and Art Rooney (founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers). Her acting contracts have a clause stating that if any of these teams make it to the Super Bowl, she will attend the game before work.

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NY Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor would routinely send prostitutes to his opponents' hotel rooms the night before a game in an attempt to tire them out.

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  1. Bob Timberlake, the worst kicker in NFL History (6.7%) was a first team All-American at the University of Michigan serving as team's QB, RB, Punter, and Kicker but was drafted as a kickoff specialist by the NY Giants where he missed all but 1 Field Goals, and concluded his NFL Career 1/15.

  2. In 1987, following Super Bowl XXI, Disney paid NY Giants Quarterback Phil Simms $75,000 to use the advertising slogan "I'm going to Disneyworld!"

  3. In 1975, the NY Jets, NY Giants, NY Mets and NY Yankees all played their home games at Shea Stadium.

  4. Justin Tuck, 2X Super Bowl Champion and 2X Pro-Bowl Defensive End with the NY Giants and Oakland Raiders, recently received his MBA from The Wharton School from The University of Pennsylvania and is now a VP at Goldman Sachs.

  5. The highest capacity crowd ever at the MetLife Stadium (home of the NY Giants and NY Jets), with 93,000 seats sold, was the 12th Siyum HaShas, a celebration of the completion of the Talmud through the 7 1⁄2-year Daf Yomi (daily folio) study program

  6. NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski purposely broke NY Giants running back Dave Meggett's finger at the bottom of a pile after a tackle.

  7. In 1944, three NY baseball teams (Dodgers, Giants, Yankees) met in a single 3-team exposition game to raise money for the war effort

  8. George RR Martin put a reference to Bill Belichick losing the 2007 Super Bowl to the NY Giants in 'A Dance with Dragons'

  9. During his time in New York, Charlie Ward, a Heisman winning QB in college who then went to play professional basketball for the NY Knicks, was called the "best quarterback in NY" due to the struggles the Giants and Jets had at the QB position.

  10. Emlen Tunell, the first African American player for the NY Giants and the first inducted into the pro football hall of fame, was also a war hero during WWII. He would go on to win Superbowl 1 and 2 with Vince Lombardi and the GB Packers setting numerous NFL records along the way.

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The only thing that kept Hank Aaron and Willie Mays from playing together on the NY Giants was $50 a month!

96th Mayor of NY John Francis Hylan, spoke publicly about the corruption in government in a speech where he refers to them as like "a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities" - source

The GB Packers and NY Giants have met in the NFL playoffs seven times, and every single time the winner of each game went on to win the NFL Championship or Super Bowl. - source

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