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In 2010 the fastest supercomputer in the entire US Defense Department was made of 1,760 PlayStation 3s, 168 separate graphical processing units and 84 coordinating servers.

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Bacteria are able to communicate with each other through a process called quorum sensing. They use a chemical language to coordinate defense and mount attacks as a community rather than individuals. Stopping this process could be the key to a new line of anti-bacterial therapies.

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  1. NASA established the Planetary Defense Coordination Office to help make early detections of potentially hazardous objects that are predicted to come within 8 million km's of earth's surface.

  2. The Department of Defense still uses 8 inch floppy disks in some of their legacy systems to coordinate nuclear force operations

  3. A series of tunnels exist under London to allow for defense coordination in the event of an attack on the city

  4. When the New York Giants defeated the Washington Redskins in the 1987 NFC Championship game, clinching the Giants' first Super Bowl appearance, the players carried Bill Belichick (defensive coordinator) not Bill Parcells (head coach) off the field.

  5. NASA has a Planetary Defense Coordination Office, which is tasked with watching for objects in space which pose a threat to earth and coordinating an international response to a potential impact event.

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