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Former Heisman winner and NFL running back Herschel Walker suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. He says that he created a “highly motivated warrior” personality to cope with being overweight as a child

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Herschel Walker did 3,000 situps and 1,500 pushups a day, ate only one meal a day, never drank or smoked, and sleeps only four hours a night.

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  1. Former Heisman winner & NFL pro-bowler Herschel Walker has D.I.D. (Disassociated Identity Disorder) also known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

  2. Football legend and 5th degree black belt Herschel Walker suffers from multiple personality disorder (currently referred to as dissociative personality disorder)

  3. At the 1992 Winter Olympics, NFL star Herschel Walker competed in the 2-man bobsled

  4. Heisman Trophie winner Herschel Walker's son is a competitive cheerleader

  5. A little known player Kelvin Bryant of the Philadelphia Stars beat out marquee talent and Heisman Trophy winner, Herschel Walker of the Washington Generals, for the inaugural MVP of the United States Football League.

  6. College footballer/bobsledder/mma fighter Herschel Walker was once traded for 9 other players in what became the largest trade in NFL history.

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