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Kurt Warner was cut from the NFL and got a job at a grocery store in Iowa. Four years later, at 27, Warner would lead the St. Louis Rams to their only Super Bowl Championship, setting several league records, as well as being the only player in history to win the NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP

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The QB with the most passing yards in a Super Bowl game is Kurt Warner. The QB with the second most is Kurt Warner. The QB with the third most is Kurt Warner.

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  1. The Cardinals honor their greats in the Cardinals Ring of Honor. The alumni honored in the Ring of Honor include Ernie Nevers (fullback), Charles Bidwill (owner), Jimmy Conzelman (quarterback and coach), Charley Trippi (halfback), John "Paddy" Driscoll (quarterback), Ollie Matson (halfback), Dick "Night Train" Lane (cornerback), Dan Dierdorf (tackle), Marshall Goldberg (halfback), Pat Tillman (safety), Larry Wilson (free safety), Roger Wehrli (cornerback), Aeneas Williams (cornerback), and Kurt Warner (quarterback).

  2. Super Bowl championship winner Kurt Warner went from being undrafted and stocking shelves at a grocery store to being one of the top QBs in NFL history

  3. Kurt Warner, a former NFL quarterback, anonymously pays for another table's bill everytime he goes out to eat.

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