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The Hanshin Tigers baseball team of Japan is believed to be cursed by KFC founder Colonel Sanders for throwing his storefront statue into the river by Hanshin fans while celebrating their team’s victory in 1985

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About 'The Curse of the Colonel'. In 1985 after winning the NPB title, Hanshin Tigers baseball fans stole a statue of the Colonel, dressed him in a Tigers uniform and threw him off a bridge. The team posted just one win record again until 2009 when divers recovered Mr. Sanders from a river.

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  1. of the Curse of the Colonel. After winning the Japan series for the first time Hanshin Tigers fans threw a statue of Colonel Sanders into the river off the Ebisubashi bridge in Osaka. Many fans believed this caused the team to go 18 years with only one winning record.

  2. According to Urban Legend the Japanese basketball team the Hanshin Tigers are under the curse of Colonel Sanders.

  3. A "curse" was placed on the Hanshin Tigers baseball team when they threw a Colonel Sanders statue into a Dotonbori River to celebrate their 1985 Japan Championship Series win, causing them to lose every championship after that from 1985 to present.

  4. The Hanshin Tigers, a baseball team in Japan, was once believed to have been cursed by Colonel Sanders of KFC following an incident where a statue of him was thrown into the Dōtonbori Canal

  5. The "Curse of the Colonel", an urban legend whereby Colonel Sanders, of KFC fame, had placed a curse on the Japanese baseball team, Hanshin Tigers resulting in a decades-long losing streak.

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