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International sperm bank Cryo -- the world's largest -- no longer accepts donations from red-haired men. According to its director, "We have nothing against red-haired donors. We just have too much in stock relative to demand... unlike in Ireland, where redheads' sperm goes like hotcakes."

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The Cincinnati Red Stockings, the first professional baseball team. They won their first game by a score of 45-9 and went on to achieve an undefeated 65-0 record in 1869.

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  1. The Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first professional team invited to the White House in 1869.

  2. Chinese stock indicators are reversed from the US: red is an auspicious color and means positive; green means negative.

  3. In China, the color red means the stock market is up and green means it is down

  4. In the Chinese stock market, red means up and green means down

  5. The Reds, formerly known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings, become the first team in Major League history to use an airplane to travel from one city to another (Cincinnati to Chicago) on June 8, 1934.

  6. In the names of the MLB teams 'White Sox' and 'Red Sox', the word 'sox' is not an abbreviation for 'socks', but instead, is actually a shortening of the word 'stockings', which was the full word used in the teams' original names.

  7. The Red Sox only got their name after the original Boston Red Stockings changed their name to the Bean Eaters and eventually removed red dye from their socks because their Manager thought the dye would infect wounds.

  8. The 1875 Boston Red Stockings went undefeated at home for the season (37-0)and did not lose a game until the 28th game of the year at St. Louis. Pitcher Al Spalding was 54-5. The season completed their 4th consecutive pennant.

  9. There is a minor dispute whether the Atlanta Braves or the Chicago Cubs are the oldest baseball team. The Boston Red Stockings (Braves) were founded in 1871, and the Chicago White Stockings (Cubs) in 1870, but Chicago didn't field a team for two seasons due to the Great Chicago Fire.

  10. In China, red is a lucky color. So instead of the normal crimson, the nation’s stock market uses green to denote shares that are down.

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In the stock markets of many Asian countries, red is used to mean an increase and green is used to mean a decrease

Chinese and Japanese stock exchanges use red to indicate a rise in share price and green to indicate a fall because red is a lucky hue and green has negative connotations. - source

The current Cincinnati Reds team (originally the Cincinnati Red Stockings) is actually the third team to use the Cincinnati Red Stockings name.

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Akira Kurosawa's desire for authenticity in his film Red Beard was so great that he had the hospital set stocked with expensive period-appropriate supplies. Even the drawers that were never opened or referred to in the film were filled with pills.

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