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Between 1974 and 1976 Hank Aaron played for the Milwaukee Brewers. His final home run was on July 20th, 1976. His final game was in October that year.

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Jim Thorpe played with the Milwaukee Brewers in 1916, and then returned to the Giants briefly before being sold to the Cincinnati Reds.

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  1. In 1977 the Kansas City Royals were in Milwaukee to play a game against the Brewers and their uniforms were stolen from their locker room, forcing them to borrow Brewers uniforms for the day.

  2. In 1989 left-handed pitcher Tim Fortugno was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers for $2500 and a bucket of baseballs.

  3. The Baltimore Orioles started as the original Milwaukee Brewers with a stop in St. Louis as the Browns

  4. In 2003, former Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Randall Simon was arrested, fined, and suspended for three games by Major League Baseball for hitting Mandy Block in the head with a baseball bat during the Milwaukee Brewers' Sausage Run. She runs as the Italian Sausage in the Race.

  5. The Seattle Pilots were a MLB team in 1969. The following year they moved to Milwaukee and became the Brewers.

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