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The lowest attendance for a Major League Baseball game was April 29, 2015, when zero fans saw the Chicago White Sox play the Baltimore Orioles. Due to civil unrest in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray, there was insufficient security available and no fans were allowed in.

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The New York Yankees baseball team began as the Baltimore Orioles in 1901, before moving to New York in 1903 where the team was re-named the New York Highlanders. The team was not re-named the Yankees until a decade later in 1913.

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  1. Maryland's state bird is the Baltimore oriole.

  2. While playing for the Baltimore Orioles in the early 1970s, Davey Johnson used an IBM System/360 at team owner Jerry Hofberger's brewery to write a FORTRAN baseball computer simulation and used the results to propose to manager Earl Weaver that he should bat second in the lineup.

  3. Baltimore Oriole groundskeeper, Pat Santerone had a competition with Manager Earl Weaver to see who could grow bigger tomatoes. They grew the tomatoes in a plot near the left field foul line.

  4. Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter earned his nickname from a minor league manager for walking around the clubhouse buck naked

  5. There was a huge superfan called Wild Bill Hagy of the Baltimore Orioles that created a cheer that the Orioles themselves adopted. The Orioles even offered him free seats!

  6. In 1956, 2-year-old Jay Mazzone suffered the amputation of both of his hands when his snowsuit caught fire. He received metal hooks for hands and when he was 12, he became a bat boy for the Baltimore Orioles. By 1971 he was so beloved he was presented with a signature Louisville Slugger bat.

  7. Former Baltimore Oriole catcher Gus Triandos holds the record for most consecutive games without being caught stealing a base at 1,206 games, in which he stole exactly one base over his entire career

  8. The Baltimore Orioles started as the original Milwaukee Brewers with a stop in St. Louis as the Browns

  9. Two Baltimore teams ( the Ravens and the Orioles) are named after birds, are from different cities originally and were both originally called the Browns.

  10. In 1941, the St. Louis Browns (known today as the Baltimore Orioles) had tentative approval to move to Los Angeles, with a final approval meeting occurring on December 8th. Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7th, and citing concerns with stringent travel conditions, the proposal was rejected.

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Texas Rangers scored 30 unanswered runs against Baltimore Orioles (MLB Record)

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