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When the Mets beat the Red Sox in the 1986 World Series, many Yankee fans attended the parade celebrating the Mets' win, saying that "anyone who beats Boston is worth coming down for."

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Boston Red Sox OF Mookie Betts bowled a perfect 300 at the World Series of Bowling - in the same week he was awarded an MLB Gold Glove.

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  1. Ben Affleck, a Boston Red Sox fan, caused the production of Gone Girl to shut down for 4 days because he refused to wear a New York Yankees cap on screen.

  2. Jim Rice, of the Boston Red Sox, rushed into the stands in 1982 to help a young boy who had been struck in the head by a line drive. Rice carried the boy onto the field, through the Red Sox dugout and into the clubhouse, where the young boy could be treated by the team's medical staff.

  3. The original script of "Gone Girl" called for Ben Affleck's character to wear a Yankees cap in one scene. Affleck refused to do so even in character being a die hard Red Sox fan and this halted production for 4 days.

  4. Joe Castiglione, Red Sox radio broadcaster, told Daniel Nava to swing as hard as he could on the first pitch before the game because "that's the only first pitch in the majors you'll ever see,". Nava is only the fourth player to have hit a grand slam in his first at-bat.

  5. For the film Gone Girl, David Fincher made Ben Affleck wear a Yankees cap for a scene. Affleck, a die-hard Red Sox fan, adamantly refused, and this lead to a 4 day production halt, until the two came to an agreement that he would wear a Mets cap.

  6. The Boston Red Sox have lost every game on Ben Afflecks birthday since "Good Will Hunting" was released in 1997.

  7. A construction worker buried Red Sox jerseys at the site of the new Yankee Stadium. The Yankee ogranization broke through two feet of concrete and extracted the jerseys and auctioned them off for charity.

  8. Ben Affleck halted the production of Gone Girl for 4 days because being a Red Sox fan he wouldn't wear a NY Yankees hat

  9. Since 1959 the Boston Red Sox have been scheduled to play a home game on Patriots" Day at Fenway Park.

  10. Filming for the movie Gone Girl was shut down for 4 days because Ben Affleck, a Boston Red Sox fan, refused to wear a New York Yankees cap for one scene. The director and Affleck eventually agreed on a New York Mets hat instead.

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"I've ALWAYS been a fan." Spikes in searches for "[team name] hat" spike after baseball teams win championships, especially for the Red Sox and Cubs.

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Ed Barrow, the only Manager to ever win a World Series who didn't play professional baseball. He began selling concessions at games and worked his way up to managing the 1918 World Series-winning Red Sox. The owner sold his best players and he became COO of the Yankees, winning 10 rings.

During construction of the new Yankee Stadium, a construction worker and avid Red Sox fan buried a replica David Ortiz jersey beneath the visitors' dugout, with the objective of placing a "hex" on the Yankees. After the worker was exposed by co-workers, he was forced to help exhume the jersey. - source

Red Sox catcher Moe Berg. Called ‘the brainiest guy in baseball’ and ‘the strangest man ever to play baseball’. Berg provided the US with the first clear video intel of Japan during the onset of US involvement in WW2, and gathered information on the German nuclear program as an OSS spy. - source

The directors and screenwriters of "Fever Pitch" wrote the script assuming the Red Sox would lose the season. They had to rewrite and reshoot the movie as the Red Sox were winning in the American League and eventually in the World Series.

The longest professional baseball game lasted 33 innings - the Pawtucket Red Sox defeated the Rochester Red Wings 3-2 in April 1981. Notable players from this game - Wade Boggs, Cal Ripken Jr and Marty Barrett - source

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A worker buried a Red Sox jersey in the concrete of Yankees stadium during construction, which was then excavated and sent to Boston

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A construction worker buried a David Ortiz Red Sox jersey in concrete during construction of the new Yankee Stadium in an attempt the curse the new stadium.

When a "Reverse Curve" road sign in Boston was graffitied to read "Reverse The Curse", officials decided to leave it in place. After the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series, the road sign was edited to read "Curse Reversed" in celebration.

MLB center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury is the only player in Red Sox history to become a member of the famed 30-30 club, which is at least 30 home runs & 30 steals in a season. He accomplished the feat in 2011.

Scumbag Steve's hat is quite rare, there were only 1000 made of the wheat-brown, ‘A-Tooth’ style Red Sox cap

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The Black Sox Scandal, in which eight members of the Chicago White Sox were accused of intentionally losing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for money from the Jewish mob. The scandal led to the appointment of the first Commissioner of Baseball.

Edward M Lewis "The Pitching Professor" was a professional pitcher for the Red Sox and the president of two colleges

The Boston Red Sox had to cancel Big Papi Bobblehead night because the bobbleheads were "unacceptable to the club and not appropriate for distribution," because they arrived with completely white lips making them appear offensive.

Before selling more than 70 million albums, Country and Western singer Charlie Pride pitched and played outfield for the Memphis Red Sox of the Negro American League of baseball.

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Both the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool F.C. are owned by the same investment company, Fenway Sports Group.

There are two ballparks in major league baseball over 100 years old: Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs) and Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox)

Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz finished third in the voting for mayor of Boston in 2013

Baseball player Jim Rice saved a boy’s life at a Red Sox game in 1982 after he was hit by a foul ball

The parents of Mookie Betts, of the Boston Red Sox, gave Mookie the initials "MLB" to match the abbreviation of Major League Baseball

In the names of the MLB teams 'White Sox' and 'Red Sox', the word 'sox' is not an abbreviation for 'socks', but instead, is actually a shortening of the word 'stockings', which was the full word used in the teams' original names.

The US romantic comedy Fever Pitch (2005) was completed assuming that the Boston Red Sox lost in the playoffs in 2004. Because of the team's success the ending was quickly rewritten; stars Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore were filmed kissing on the field after the Sox won the World Series.

On July 29, 2003 former-MLB 3rd baseman Bill Mueller became the only player in Major League history to hit a Grand Slam from opposite sides of the plate in the same game. He accomplished the feat on the Red Sox vs. the Texas Rangers.

The Red Sox only got their name after the original Boston Red Stockings changed their name to the Bean Eaters and eventually removed red dye from their socks because their Manager thought the dye would infect wounds.

The 1919 Cincinnati Reds, the team that the so-called Black Sox threw the World Series to, were statistically the best team that year by a significant amount

The reason the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox are spelled differently is a result of the teams being formed during a broad movement to simplify English spelling during the early 1900's. The movement was spearheaded by Noah Webster almost a century earlier.

Former a former Red Sox catcher nearly assassinated Werner Heisenberg

The Boston Red Sox held a tryout for Jackie Robinson, which was a farce mainly to assuage the desegregationist stance of a Boston City Councilman, who was threatening to revoke the team's exemptions from Sunday blue laws (being able to play games on Sundays).

The Boston Red Sox are owned in part by The New York Times.

Red Sox player Billy Buckner predicted his own game-losing error just 2 weeks before game 6 of the 1986 World Series with the Mets.

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