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Important Hindu festivals include Diwali (festival of lights), Vijayadashami (victory of good over evil), Gudhipadawa (Hindu New Year), Mahashivratri (the day of the universe's creation), Makar Sankranti (Sun in Makar Rashi's transmigration), Navratri (nine day worship of Mother Goddess), Ramnavami (Lord Rama's birthday), and Ganesh Festival (Festival of Lord Ganesha).

Ranthambore Fortress, for which the park is named, is a fort that was built in the 10th century. There are three stone temples inside its walls, built in the 1100s and 1200s to honor Ganesh, Ramlalaji, and Shiva. The fortress stands at a height of 700 feet.

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  1. Listen to this Ganesh Bhajan (Subah Subah Le Ganpati Naam) सुबह सुबह ले गणपति नाम - New Ganesh Song | Ganesh Stuti

  2. India's President claims that ancient Hindus invented genetic engineering and plastic surgery thousands of years ago and used these techniques to create the Elephant-headed God Ganesh.

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