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Luxembourg's gold medal at the 1952 Olympics was so unexpected that the organisers had neglected to give the band a score for their national anthem. The musicians "hurriedly improvised a tune which bore little resemblance to the Luxembourg anthem".

When Luxembourg was liberated from nazism in 1944, the returning government was so impressed with some regulations and laws concerning tax and employment the nazis had made, that it decided to simply keep them.

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  1. China's Government Debt is equivalent to $1326 per capita. The US's Government Debt is equivalent to $58,200 per capita and Luxembourg has debt equivalent to $6.9 million per capita

  2. Luxembourg is the second wealthiest country in the world (based on per capita GDP).

  3. In Luxembourg you must be trilingual (French, German, Luxembourgish) to graduate secondary school

  4. Except for the dutch all current european monarchs (Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK) are descendants of Queen Victoria and King Christian IX (Denmark). At the start of WW1 their grandchildren occupied the thrones of Germany, Russia, the UK and 5 other countries.

  5. The Queen Consort of Hungary in the 1400s, Elizabeth of Luxembourg, after being widowed, asked her chambermaid to steal the physical crown of Hungary, and the chambermaid wrote a book about the successful heist.

  6. If absolute primogeniture had applied from the very beginning of William the Conqueror's reign over England, the current monarch of England would, bizarrely enough, be Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg.

  7. One of the things that initiated the downfall of Harvard educated money launderer Franklin Jurado was his neighbor in Luxembourg filing a noise complaint against him, because Jurado had a money-counting machine running all night

  8. In 1944, a small militia of 30 men in Luxembourg defended a medieval castle successfully against the onslaught of 250 Waffen SS, killing 18 nazis and forcing the rest to retreat. The castle proved to be a useful Allied watchtower into German territory for months to come.

  9. There's a province in Belgium called Luxembourg which is almost twice the size of Luxembourg the country. (4,443 km2 vs 2,586.4 km2)

  10. More Portuguese live in Luxembourg than Germans, Belgians and French combined

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Luxembourg encompasses an area of 998 square miles.

Norway is the country with the highest productivity per hour worked, followed by Luxembourg and the US, with Bangladesh coming in last place - source

Liechtenstein has the third highest income per capita in the world following Qatar and Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is considered to be an extremely safe country and there are only two jails in the entire country.

Luxembourg was originally built as a fortress that grew into one of the greatest fortified sites in Europe. Luxembourg City was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the old quarters and fortifications there.

Roughly 50% of the people that work in Luxembourg live in other countries including France, Belgium, and Germany.

Luxembourg City is the European Court of Justice's seat, which is the European Union's highest court of law in regards to EU issues.

Following World War II the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg gained its independence from the German Reich.

Luxembourg despite having a population of 600,000 people has won the Eurovision Song Contest 5 times. None of their winners were even born in the country.

There is no word for 'love' in the language of Luxembourg

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The Bourbon Dynasty still rules Luxembourg and Spain.

On the 3rd sunday of Lent, Luxembourg celebrates Pretzel Sunday with a procession of pastry cooks, a band and an elected "Pretzel Queen", handing out free pretzels to everyone. Men gift a pretzel to the woman they love on that day, which back in the day used to seal marriages.

Luxembourgers usually are fluent in several languages. They are taught Luxembourgish, French, German, English and many also know Portuguese.

In 1839 after signing the Treaty of London the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was declared independent in union with the Netherlands.

Luxembourg is considered to be the second wealthiest country in the world after Qatar.

The population of Luxembourg in 2015 was estimated to be almost 563,000 people.

The national dish of Luxembourg is literally called "Jew with beans". Despite its name, it doesn't actually contain any jews, but rather consists of smoked pork collar with broad beans, usually served with beer or wine and boiled potatoes fried in bacon.

The Rhine River watershed (area of land drained by the river) is 71,429 square miles in size. Its basin includes Luxembourg, Italy, and Belgium.

The Battle of Vianden where in 1944 30 members of the Luxembourg Resistance successfully defended a castle from 250 Waffen SS troops.

There are many UNESCO World Heritage Sites along the Rhine River including Luxembourg's Old Quarters and Fortifications; Germany's Speyer Catherdral, Wurzburg Residence, Roman Monuments, Town of Bamberg, Koln Cathedral, and the Upper Middle Rhine Valley; Belgium's La Grande-Place and Major Town Houses of Victor Horta, and Plantin-Moretus Museum; France's Grande Grande île; and Netherland's Defense Line and 17th Century Canal Ring.

Most schools in Luxembourg teach 3 different languages throughout elementary and middle school (French, German, and Luxembourgish)

The European Investment Bank is located in Luxembourg, as well as 150 other banks. It is popular for banking because of the less sticky tax laws, enabling large companies and private individuals to save a lot of money.

There are many castles in Luxembourg that are open to the public including Clervaux, Larochette, Bourscheid, Beaufort, and Vianden. These are grand historic castles reminiscent of fairy tale castles popularized in literature and film.

In 1354 County of Luxembourg became Duchy of Luxembourg.

In 1938 the school was destroyed by the Nazis and he and his wife, Johanna fled to Luxembourg where they were forced to work menial jobs to survive.

In 1890 the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg ended its union with the Netherlands.

Ascension Day is a public holiday in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Vanuatu.

It is estimated that about 40% of the people living in Luxembourg are immigrants from other countries.

North Korea has only 724 km of paved roads, one-fourth of tiny Luxembourg which has 2,899 km

The tiny country of Luxembourg is funding asteroid mining

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