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By law, no United States officer can outrank George Washington. He was posthumously promoted to Six-Star General in 1976.

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George Washington ordered a ceasefire during the Revolutionary War to return a lost dog to its owner, Sir William Howe, a British general. The dog was found wandering the battlefield and was fed and cleaned before being returned to Howe.

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  1. Colonel Charles Young, the first African American to reach the rank of Colonel in the US Army. After being denied promotion to brigadier general under the guise of fitness, he rode on horseback from Wilberforce, Ohio, to Washington, D.C. to disprove rumors of his poor health.

  2. George Washington was against the idea of political parties in general. In his farewell address, he warned that political parties would let "unprincipled men" to "usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion."

  3. That, by law, no US officer is ever allowed to outrank George Washington, and he was posthumously promoted to "six star general" to make sure.

  4. A boy gave General Rahl of the British Army a note from a spy that George Washington was about to cross the Delaware and attack. The general was so immersed in a Chess game that he put the note in his pocket unopened. There it was found when he was mortally wounded in the subsequent battle.

  5. The British tried to surrender to the French at the end of the American Revolution. French General Rochambeau refused British Brigadier General O'Hara's sword and instead pointed him towards George Washington to offer surrender.

  6. George Washington stopped the Revolutionary War to return a lost dog to the enemy. The terrier of a British general was found wandering the battlefield. The US waved a truce flag, and both sides stopped shooting until the dog was successfully returned to the British commander.

  7. By law, no United States officer is allowed to outrank George Washington, who posthumously became a six-star general.

  8. The Washington Generals broke a 2495-game losing streak by accidentally beating the Harlem Globetrotters 100-99

  9. In 1932, General Macarthur and then Major Patton Tear-Gassed WWI Veterans Calling Themselves The "Bonus Army." They Had Marched On Washington Demanding Full Payment For Their Service During WWI. 2 Vets Were Killed. Historians Claim That Without The Protest, There May Have Never Been A GI Bill.

  10. About Casimir Pulaski, a Polish nobleman who saved the life of George Washington, became a general in the Continental Army, and is considered "the father of the American cavalry". He died leading a daring charge against British forces during American Revolutionary War

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George Washington called a cease fire during the Revolutionary War to return a lost dog that belonged to British General William Howe

There was a British general who, thirteen years apart, personally surrendered to George Washington (Yorktown) and Napoleon Bonaparte (Toulon) - source

After suffering a major defeat by the British in 1777, American soldiers found a dog belonging General Howe, their victorious opponent. Upon learning of who it belonged to, Washington ordered the dog returned with a note written with his greetings. - source

In 1976, George Washington was posthumously promoted to rank of 'General of Armies of the United States.' The law did not specify a number of stars, but it has been speculated this is a six-star rank - outranking all other generals.

During the first major battle of the Revolutionary War, the British sent a letter to "George Washington, Esq." It was rejected since it didn't address him as "General". They re-sent the letter to "George Washington, Esq., etc., etc.", but it was again declined. - source

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During the Revolutionary War a terrier escaped from his owner (a British General) and joined American forces in their retreat. After inspecting the tag, George Washington had the dog returned to Howe.

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John Pershing (1919) outranked George Washington in the United States Army. To rectify this discrepancy, Washington was also promoted to the rank of General of the Armies and Congress declared that no officer of the United States armed forces should ever outrank George Washington.

In 1777 Benedict Arnold was passed over for a promotion that would have made him a major general. He tried to resign but George Washington wouldn"t allow it.

The American basketball team, the Washington Generals, played the Harlem Globetrotters over 13,000 times but only won 6 games.

The Allied bombardment started on October 9, with General Washington firing the first shot.

General Howe attempted to parlay General Washington twice by letters but was rebuffed for referring to him as "esquire" and not "general." Washington finally met with Howe's adjutant, who offered pardons, but Washington replied, "Those who have committed no fault want no pardon."

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The Purple Heart is the oldest U.S. military decoration; General George Washington awarded the first purple-colored heart-shaped badges to soldiers who fought in the Continental Army during the American Revolution.

President John Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, were initially skeptical of the March because they believed it would be infiltrated by communists and other violent radicals.

One old sycamore tree provided protection for the large troops of General Washington during the battle on the Brandywine Battlefield Park in Pennsylvania in the 18th century. Ever since, sycamore tree is a symbol of hope and protection in the USA.

Washington refused to give amnesty to American loyalists and General Cornwallis never pressed the issue, which upset the loyalist community in North America and many of their sympathizers in Britain.

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In 1778 General Washington recommended that Friedrich be appointed Inspector General of the Army, which Congress approved.

General Washington saw Molly during the battle and remembered her service. After it was over he issued her a warrant that named her a non-commissioned officer.

Following the battle and because of General Washington's commemoration of her courage she became known as ‘Sergeant Molly". She used this nickname for the rest of her life.

Friedrich was appointed the temporary Inspector General by Washington, and soon established standards for camp layouts and sanitary practices.

George Washington was posthumously promoted to General of the Armies of the United States with the intention that no other officer should ever out tank him.

In 1864, Abraham Lincoln promoted General Ulysses S. Grant to lieutenant general of the U.S. Army...The rank of lieutenant general had been unused since 1798 when John Adams assigned the post to former President George Washington, in anticipation of a French invasion of the U.S.

Arlington National Cemetery sits on land that belonged to Confederate general Robert E. Lee. His wife Mary Anna Lee was the great-granddaughter of Martha Washington, wife of the first president of the United States, George Washington.

George Washington once returned a dog to its rightful owner after finding him on the battlefield. The dog belonged to the man who had just defeated him, General Howe.

Confederate General Robert E. Lee was married to George Washington's great granddaughter

Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. A Prussian Army Captain and aide-de-camp to Frederick the Great. And a homosexual. "An inconsiderate step and an implacable personal enemy" meant leaving Europe. He became a Major General in the Continental Army, and George Washington's chief of staff.

The Harlem Globetrotters once lost to the Washington Generals, playing under the name New Jersey Reds. It ended a 2495 game losing streak for the Generals

Sybil Ludington's father Henry Ludington was a volunteer in the militia who went on to become an aide to General George Washington. He was also a community leader.

At the surrender of Yorktown, General Cornwalis claimed he was ill and sent his second-in-command to hand over his sword to the Revolutionaries and the French. Washington replied by supposedly sending his second-in-command to retrieve it

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