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The story of "Canuck the Crow", an infamous bird in Vancouver Canada known for stealing a knife from a crime scene, breaking into a McDonalds, chasing the mail man, and is still being tracked and swooping people to this day.

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About two men who became legends during Vancouver Canucks hockey games by sitting next to the opposing team’s penalty box and taunting them while dressed in green suits.

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  1. Canuck the Crow. A crow that attempted to steal a knife from a crime scene in Vancouver where a man had set his car on fire before charging police with a knife.

  2. The Vancouver Canucks’ worst loss in the 90-91 season came a day after their plane was nearly hit by 2 crashing planes on the LAX tarmac.

  3. NHL legend Mark Messier is the most hated player in Vancouver Canucks history for: taking the captaincy from Trevor Lindon and setting in motion the team’s dismantling; insisting on wearing his #11 which was unofficially retired by the Canucks to honour Wayne Maki; generally phoning it in.

  4. During the 2011 Stanley Cup finals between the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks, Vancouver temporarily changed the name of their chain restaurant "Boston Pizza" to "Vancouver Pizza". The same thing also happened in Montreal when the Canadiens played against the Bruins.

  5. Some Vancouverites (mostly Vancouver Canucks fans) went to a riot in downtown Vancouver back in 2011 when the Boston Bruins creamed them in game 7

  6. The Vancouver Canucks, on the West Coast of Canada, played in the East Division when they began in the 1970s

  7. The Vancouver Canuck took the name from a comic book hero; JOHNNY CANUCK

  8. In Vancouver there is crow named Canuck that has learned how to ride the subway

  9. Canuck the Crow, a notorious Vancouver BC crow who, rides transit, steal keys, befriends humans and earlier this week tried to steal a knife from a crime scene

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