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In 1985 a Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India exposed 500,000 people to toxic chemicals and 4,000 - 16,000 people died. The incident is considered the world's worst industrial disaster and although deactivated, the plant continues to contaminate the local drinking water.

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A journalist named Rajkumar Kewsani wrote four articles about Bhopal's Union Carbide plant and the potential for tragedy between 1982 and 1984 - before the incident occurred. The articles were titled Please Save This City; Bhopal Sitting on Top of a Volcano; If You Don"t Understand This You"ll be Wiped Out; Bhopal on Brink of Disaster.

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  1. On December 3rd, 1984, in the middle of the night, thousands of people were gassed to death because of a catastrophic chemical leak at the Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India.

  2. In 2004 Andy Bichlbaum impersonated a Dow Chemical spokesman on the BBC, announcing the "liquidation" of Union Carbide to pay for the medical care for the victims of the Bhopal disaster

  3. L the Yes Men pranked the BBC as a Dow chemical rep saying they were taking responsibility for the chemical disaster in Bhopal, India 1984. They were liquidating Union Carbide to pay 12 bil to the people. Dow's share price fell 4.24 percent in 23 minutes, wiping $2 bil. Off its market value.

  4. After 15,000 died in Bhopal, India, the purchaser of Union Carbide, Dow Chemical's public relations representative Kathy Hunt stated, "You can't really do more than that, can you? $500 is plenty good for an Indian."

  5. Bhopal gas disaster was the worst industrial disaster ever killing close to 4000 people. The incident happened when poison gas escaped from a Union Carbide factory due to negligence.

  6. Up to 16,000 persons died in Bhopal India after a Union Carbide plant leaked. Up to 500k were exposed to toxic chemicals.

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